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Top 15 Fantasy Cricket Apps Lists To Download & Win Real Cash Daily


The quality of sports has evolved significantly over the last century. Be it Cricket, Football, or any other sport. Technical improvements have glorified the next generation of sports. With the increase in demand, the quality of sports has gone on to the next level. Apart from the international matches, the craze for franchise sports increased and that’s where the story of leagues, and fantasy sports, fantasy leagues began. 

In this blog, we will discuss the top 15 fantasy cricket applications to win real cash. 

What is Fantasy Cricket?

When two globally known cricket teams play a cricket match or a tournament that is telecasted LIVE on television or digital media, fans/users are allowed to make their dream playing XI through various fantasy apps like MPL, Dream11, Winzo, and many more. By making the dream team, users are allowed to join various contests available in the app. An entry fee is required to participate in the contest. Concerning the contest size, the entry fee varies and so are the winning prizes. This is how fantasy cricket is operated in India with various fantasy apps like Dream11, MPL, and many more.

So now, let’s move on to the top 15 fantasy cricket apps. 

1. MPL 

The Mobile Premier League, or MPL, is known for its rich games and real money-earning sites. MPL is one of the leading mobile game applications with many options to play various games and earn money. Users stick to playing games that provide profits. There is no doubt why MPL is one of the best alternatives for playing online games and daily fantasy sports.

MPL comes with many options for mobile gaming that includes real-life matches, big cash prizes, earning money, and even fantasy news. It covers all game genres such as card games, puzzle games, arcade games, casual games, puzzle games, and many other fun games. Users can play by paying entry fees for various tournaments and winners can withdraw their winnings via UPI methods (Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Mobile Pay, etc.). 

You can participate in competitions and contests such as Mega Bonus, Double Bonus, 8x Bonus, and 4x Bonus. Your returns will be calculated based on how much money you invest per the points you earn. 

2. Dream11

Dream11 is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps currently available on the market with a huge user base. Dream 11 is also one of the money-earning fantasy apps like Winzo where users can earn real money. 

The primary goal of this app is to support Cricket games in safe sports bets and allow players to earn real money. Later, the app evolved and touched great heights with sporting events such as Football, Kabaddi, and Baseball. 

Unlike most online games, you don’t have to pick a winning team. Instead, like MPL & Winzo, you can choose 11 players from a virtual team, including a captain and a captain. If your choice is correct, you will earn points and coins when you complete the game.


WINZO Gold is one of the tough competitors of fantasy sports. We gained fame and popularity in a very small time due to the app feature, variety, and profitable referral program it offers. It is not a platform for the players to be limited to their selections. It comes with fantasy cricket and many other games to keep users entertained.

Winzo comes with a unique referral program wherein users get instant cash when someone uses the referral code, but there’s more. Here, you also earn when your friends who used your referral code win games and earn money. The longer you play, the more you earn if you are winning.

Winzo is also one of the leading fantasy sports apps like Dream11 and MPL that you can consider for day-to-day earnings. The money earned on this platform can be easily withdrawn via UPI methods (Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.).

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4. My11Circle

My11Circle is a part of Games24x7 and brings the best fantasy games to your fingertips. This game also offers the same gameplay experience as other fantasy apps with 10+ Million players worldwide. Pick a game, and win cash daily in My11Circle. 

Fantasy cricket and football or any fantasy games in general boost your skill and let you win real cash rewards. My11Circle offers a highly secure platform to make the most of online fantasy sports. 

5. Paytm First Games

Looking for a profitable fantasy cricket app?

Paytm First Games can be one of the best apps to play fantasy cricket and win real cash. It is powered by a leading brand Paytm (Which ranks top in UPI transactions), and it offers so many engaging online games along with fantasy cricket which leads to more ways for earning money. In this app, users can make money by playing tournaments organized by the game owner. After winning the match, users can transfer their winning amount to their bank account.

6. Big Cash

The Big Cash game app is like MPL looking at the interface and its designs. Big Cash application is one of the most trustworthy apps to earn money online by playing various online games. In this app, like many of the games mentioned above, tournaments of various games are organized in which the user has to take part and win. If the user wins the tournament, they are rewarded with money that can be transferred to the bank account later.

7. Gamezy

Gamezy is India’s fastest-growing fantasy app that provides you with a seamless and delightful fantasy league experience. Every user starts with a credit score of 100 on which they make their teams. It ensures that every player starts the same, gets to play fair and the game remains exciting.

On the Gamezy app, a user can also check the performance of another player in the last 5 matches. Along with the fantasy points, players can also check the strike rate, bowling average, usual batting position, and the percentage of people selecting a particular player for a specific match. With these details and comparison stats, you can make a more effective team to win contests.

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8. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is another fantasy sports app that is growing vastly in India and has become one of the best players in a minimal time. With over 15 million users and up to 100 million bonuses every day, PlayerzPot becomes the ultimate choice for gaming experts when it comes to fantasy sports.

In PlayerzPot you can play Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football as well as exciting games like Ludo, SLL, Carrom, and Rummy games. You can also dive deep into games like Fruit Slice, Chain Reaction, Quiz Games, Stacky Bird, Sheep Fight, AntMan, and many more.

9. BalleBaazi

Fantasy games are games of skill that require players to understand the game they choose to play to win. For example, if you choose to play fantasy cricket, you should follow the game of cricket regularly to identify key players that can help you win.

By doing a little research in the current newspaper and checking the robust and up-to-date weather forecast, you will gain the edge you need to build a winning team. 

Here are the benefits of playing fantasy cricket in BalleBaazi: 

  • Command Your Team
  • Improves Decision-Making Skills
  • Opportunity To Win Real Money
  • Player Intelligence Report
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

10. Vision11

Vision 11 is the flagship product of Fantasy Sports Vision11 Private Limited. Vision11 is India’s Biggest Sports Gaming platform with users playing Fantasy Cricket. It is a fantasy Sports Management platform that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge. User can create their team made up of real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance, and compete with other Users.

Vision 11 is promising to be a competitive fantasy league in the future years.

11. Halaplay

One of the newest fantasy cricket websites is Halaplay, which offers daily rewards. To enjoy the benefits of the app, you must download the app and choose a game to play. Join an existing league or create one of your own. Once the league has been made, choose players to start the game. 

Halaplay may feature in the top 10 best fantasy sports apps in the upcoming years due to the benefits it provides for users.

12. Howzat

The Howzat fantasy app is an online multi-gaming platform and fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams, earn points based on real players’ performance, and compete against other users in various fantasy sports leagues. The main objective in fantasy cricket is to score as many fantasy points as possible and rank high on the leaderboard on the fantasy league app.

Fantasy sports is a game of skill that requires players to utilize their knowledge of the sport and gaming skills to win. A good understanding of the game and a little bit of research can help you select the best 11 for upcoming fantasy league matches and win regularly. Some of the factors to consider while choosing your team include the pitch and weather conditions, the current form of the players, and the toss result. For example, good batting conditions suggest that the batters are likely to score the maximum points. Similarly, a bowler-friendly pitch will demand you to pick more bowlers in your fantasy team

13. BatBall 11

BatBall11 comes under the top 15 Fantasy Cricket Apps, With objective then and now has remained consistent and provide them with a delightful experience in every aspect of engagement – on and off the field – driving better-engaged fans and leading to better Fantasy sports with a free signup bonus of Rs 50 and Batball11 Refer and Earn Program.

Batball11 Refer and Earn, being new in the market is attracting many users, and you can also take your fair share in winning just with some clicks on Batball11 Fantasy App. 

14. Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro is a fantasy App where the user can predict the match result and win Some money from it, In which the player has to join the match to predict. In the end, the highest point taker wins the league and gets cash rewards which you can withdraw in Paytm their no need for pan verification.

15. LeagueX

League X is one of the best fantasy cricket games on our list. You can play fantasy cricket by using your sports expertise to your advantage to win real money. The best features of this software are its different leagues and ability to make rapid withdrawals. 

Wrapping Up!

Fantasy cricket is touching new heights each year. Users are earning real money and adding it to their salary cap making the live match more exciting by taking part in the fantasy cricket contest. So, which fantasy cricket app would you choose for your dream team? 

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What are fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports is a different game from what we call free games in mobile apps. Every user makes their dream team and based on that join different contests (with entry fees) to earn money online.

The likes of MPL, Dream11, Gold, and A23 are the best examples of fantasy sports apps.

What are the benefits of fantasy sports?

There are many benefits associated with fantasy sports. The biggest of them is it gives the option to earn money online. The other big thing is it enhances your gaming knowledge through apps.

How to earn money in Fantasy sports?

There is a ranking bracket (Winning Zone) in Mega contests. Once you enter a contest, based on your fantasy team(s) you will rank with your competitors. Rank 1 gets the highest winning prize. You may lose money too if you don’t fall in the ranking bracket.

What is a Contest in Fantasy sports?

Contests are the backbone of fantasy sports. Users can participate in different contests available in the app or create private contests to play with friends. Without playing contests a user can’t earn money online.

What is a “contest size” in fantasy apps?

Contest size is the number of users allowed to take part in a specific contest. For example, in Mega contests, more than 100K users can participate whereas in small contests like 4x winnings or 8x winnings, only a set of users can participate.

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