What’s the Cost for Daily Fantasy Football App Development like NFL?

Daily Fantasy Football App Development

Are you looking for a fantasy sports app development but unsure whether it is the right decision? Well, we are here to help you in all ways possible. Football has been undoubtedly, one of the popular and highest-earning sports in the world. The huge community that football possesses is crazy and passionate about their favorite sports that they know everything and anything about it. From game tactics to player information, formations to field grass and whatnot. Football fans have the ultimate know-how of their favorite sports.

Fantasy sports app has been in vogue for a while now. Sports fanatics love the whole idea of fantasy sports app so much for its excitement and entertainment along with the added perks it delivers such as cash prizes, sign-up bonuses, etc. Fantasy football app has been a platform for the fans to prove their smartness in theory. What fans find interesting in this platform is that they can bet based on their knowledge and experience, which is sort of challenging. Here, the players will have to deal with a lot of uncertainty, and they love this skepticism of this sport type.

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4 billion

Football fans

football betting app

$18.6 billion

is the Market worth of Fantasy football

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40 million

play fantasy football worldwide

What is Fantasy football league?

Fantasy football league is popular online sport that is played by millions of fans every year. The fantasy football league is a platform that allows you to draft your own team, optimize your lineup, play alongside your team, and watch the live highlights. Here you become the manager of the top players in the world who battle with each other in an online fantasy football platform. This platform allows the fans to create private leagues with their friends, join public leagues, view latest scores, stats, analysis, and configure rules, lineups and trades.

Best Fantasy football draft apps like NFL fantasy football app have amazing features that also keep the fans updated with the latest news and updates sourced directly from the NFL itself.

How does fantasy football app make money?

Are you in pursuit of creating your own Fantasy sports application?

As a fantasy sports app developer, we have immense experience that will help you in creating exemplary fantasy sports solutions. If you looking for NFL API alternatives, then join hands with us and kick start your journey into the realm of online football betting. This field is highly profitable no matter what monetization strategy you take up, so it is widely evident that it is not going down from the market any soon. We can provide custom solutions as well as develop a great app from scratch adhering to your requirements.

How much does it cost to develop an online football betting app like NFL?

Team up with the top mobile application development company like us and become a successful entrepreneur by investing in fantasy sports business and witness the best fantasy sports app that lets you stand out from your competitors. We will develop the best-in-class fantasy sports mobile application that is compatible with all devices and latest OS versions like Android P and iOS 11 on Android and iOS platforms respectively.
The total cost of developing a Fantasy Football App on Android and iOS platforms with backend will be approximately USD 19000-24000.

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Want to know your fantasy sports app developer team?

We at Artoon Solutions. Pvt. Ltd has a pioneer team of developers, who have created many such sports application that is successfully running on Google Play or App Store. The required team for a successful fantasy baseball app development involves:

  • 2 iPhone App Developers

  • 2 Android App Developers

  • 1-2 UI/UX Designers

  • 1-2 Web (Frontend + Backend) Developers

  • 1 Business Analyst

  • 1 Quality Analyst

  • 1 Project Manager

How we ideate something exceptional?

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Why choose Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as your ultimate fantasy football app Development Company?

  • Immense knowledgeable in the field iOS/Android portable application development

  • Rich Experience in versatile sports applications and site development.

  • Master meeting for key improvement and highlights

  • Moderate cost to make your fantasy sports application a reality

  • Coding according to App Store and Google Play Guidelines

  • Successful Testing Strategy

  • Free Deployment


The cost involved includes:

  • Cost due to Annual server use
  • Charges to take care of Admin Match Score API
  • Charge to keep Payment gateway in place

It will take anything roughly between 10 to 12 weeks to create something like that.

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