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Top Five Food ordering apps to entice your taste buds in 2019


Food apps have certainly made our lives easy. Everything is just a click and a call away these days. Download the app, click on your favorite restaurant, browse through the menu, and select your favorite food. With an array of on-demand food delivery apps, people can take advantage of its variety of options available. Be it a local food-joint who needs to enhance their business growth curve or a budding startup company who wants join the trendsetters community, on-demand food ordering apps have the potential to bring forth prosperity in a business no matter where you are and where you belong.

Top Five Food ordering apps to entice your taste buds in 2019

  • UberEats

    Food ordering apps

    Being operational in over more than 1000+ major cities around the world, UberEats was launched in August 2014. This app is available in both iOS and Android. UberEats lets the users to base price, cuisines, restaurant as well as delivery time. Due to its seamless UI and performance, UberEats has been one of the popular food delivery app in the world. Various payment options available in UberEats business model include cash on delivery, net banking, wallets, and other debit and credit cards in phone

  • Grubhub


    Being one of the largest takeaway food delivery companies in the US, Grubhub allows diners to order food from 85,000 local takeout restaurants. GrubHub is spread over 1,600 cities in the US and London. GrubHub was launched in 2004, has a great customer service teams which operates 24*7. You can avail discounts and coupons. It allows you to save your details for your future orders.

  • Just Eat

    Food ordering apps

    Been established in 2001, Just Eat covers more than 82,000 restaurants. Just Eat has around 11 million active users and has over 170M takeaways and is empowered by 21.5 million customers. With over a range of cuisines, easy and quick ordering and availability of local menus, Just Eat becomes the perfect place to order food, be it local deliveries, restaurants, or takeaways. Just Eat will present you with coupons, discounts and amazing deals.

  • Deliveroo

    Food ordering apps

    A London-based food delivery startup called Deliveroo is widely spread in over 200 cities. From rice to rotis, pizza to burgers, veg to non-veg, a range of cuisines is available in Deliveroo. Been founded in 2013, Deliveroo has around over 30,000 food delivery riders around the world. Customers can order food online from the restaurant of their choice without any delivery fee. Instead they charge from the customer and the restaurant, for the delivering service.

  • DoorDash


    DoorDash is one of the foremost takeaway food delivery companies in the US. It offers easy and quick ordering, advanced ordering options, real-time tracking, convenient payment options and no minimum quantity for ordering. With DoodDash, ordering food of your choice is just in your fingertips. DoosDash has almost 110,000+ menus and is spread across 850 cities. DoorDash has partnered with multiple local merchants and have deliver quick and quality service worldwide.

  • Postmates


    This is an app that serves its customers 24*7 and is active in around 2900+ cities and 90+ cities in US. It is named as the best takeaway food delivery companies in US. By subscribing to unlimited plan, Postmates has given an option for free delivery for drinks and groceries as well. Starting from food, groceries and alcohol, Postmates has become one of the best takeaway food delivery companies in US.

  • Swiggy


    Swiggy, a Bangalore based top-rated food ordering mobile app that was founded in 2014. This food ordering apps currently operates in 25 cities in India and has more than 10000000+ downloads in play store. With multiple payment option, live food tracking and amazing deals, Swiggy delivers food from local cafes, food joints and even 5-star restaurants as well.

  • Zomato


    Been founded under the name of “FoodieBay” in 2008, Zomato is now available in around nearly 25 countries around the world including India, Australia, and the United States. Based on the GPS location, food of interest, Zomato displays a list of restaurants and other food joints to its users. With such a vast network, Zomato offers a variety of best choice restaurants. With over 50,000,000+ install, Zomato is available in both iOS and Android.

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