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Beginner’s Guide: All You Need to Know About Online Gaming


A prediction made in 2017 about online gaming popularity is becoming a reality. The gaming industry is gaining huge prominence Worldwide and especially in India than expected with smartphone penetration and cheap internet rates. Today, myriad games are available on the internet to be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Believe it or not, thousands of apps are released every day on the play store, app store, and third-party websites. The online gaming industry is at a growth rate of 21% & revenue is expected to be $1bn within 2020 alone in India.

Today, the online gaming ecosystem is spreading with rapid speed and is expected to include a variety of games for different ages and also outstanding opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, game designers & developers. This ecosystem also features different investors and marketers who are eagerly waiting to join hands with designers and developers to bring quality video games to entertain gamers with new UI/UX, thrills, and logic.

These are a few top trending online games beginners should know about it.

Trending Games:

It’s strange but if we consider gamers country-wise, then India is one of the countries with maximum gamers. The lockdown has helped the mobile gaming industry and created lots of opportunities to build some innovative apps for Indian gamers. Local Indian games like Ludo, Rummy, Poker, Call break, Carrom, Andar Bahar, Mindi etc have continued to entertain the local gamers. These games are popular even before the Internet was invented. The game developers have been working smart in building games that appear in various themes and languages that are suitable for the Indian audience.

Fantasy Sports Games:

In the last years (2019), the fantasy sports gaming in India grew because of cricket that includes the Indian Premier League (IPL), ICC World Cup, Ashes, and many other small cricket tournaments. The same is expected this year but due to lockdown, it hasn’t been possible yet. But it’s a booming industry for sure! When it comes to worldwide, Football fantasy apps are widely popular around the world. NBL and FIFA fantasy apps are the best example of real money games. In 2018, gamers in India have spent around $1.73 billion to bet in cricket sports. Think about sports fantasy apps revenue worldwide covering all the sports.

Casino Games:

Online gaming has reached a new level since online casino games are invented. A few years ago, you have to a physical casino nearby to try luck. In European countries, casino games are in the trend for the last couple of years and continuously getting expanded gradually. Gambling hasn’t made a big impact in the Indian market yet because of legal terms and conditions. However, in other countries, things have changed.

AR / VR Games:

Since the last couple of years, AR and VR games have been rising to the next level. In the second decade of the 21st century, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games are the hottest topics in the video gaming industry and the majority of video game development companies have built some amazing apps that feel like playing in reality – running in the forest, diving into the sea, flying in the air, etc. However, the game headsets are too costly and so, not all can afford them. Due to this reason, AR and VR games couldn’t make a certain place in the gaming industry like Casino and Fantasy games. But still, the future is bright and expected a 10-20% rise in AR game development / VR game development.

Few Online Gaming Statistics to Fascinate You

  • Mobile phones are still the primary gaming device and increased 13% than the previous year.

  • Download speed always matters. More than 85% of gamers find the downloading time most frustrating and many of them stop downloading and move to another similar app. While professional and expert gamers have the most frustration with the process of downloading.

  • Watching a video of gamers play gaming is one of the most popular than watching sports on YouTube for young adults.

  • Around 38% of gamers can become professional gamers if they concentrate on gaming.

  • Normal People can identify 3 moving objects at a time while a gamer can identify 7 moving objects at a time.

Scope of Online Gaming for Entrepreneurs:

As the people indulge themselves more and more in online gaming, the scope for entrepreneurs has been becoming wide and creating a bunch of opportunities to generate revenues in a short time with less effort. People love to play games irrespective of their ages. That means you can build an app suitable for any age to get succeed. However, competition is there too and lots of challenges, one must have to face convincing people to download the game. If we forecast today then an entrepreneur should have to invest in the above 4 game types as they are in the trend and will be in trend for several years.

Future Scope for the Mobile Game Developers & Designers:

Believe it or not, the mobile game development industry alone provides jobs to 1.7 million people in the USA only with a growing rate of 62,000 jobs every year. Now just think about countries like India, China and other Asian countries. However, the common myth about gaming industry jobs is nothing but a lack of options.
Let us clear that a gaming career is not limited to game design and development. There are plenty of options you can choose from and become successful in the gaming industry. Here below is the list of professions in the gaming world, you can start your career and make it brighten ones.

  • Video Game Designer

  • Game Character Artist

  • Writer

  • Audio Programmer

  • Game Developer

  • Game Tester

  • Game Producer

  • Game Support Provider

And many more professions that are indirectly connected to the gaming world.

Each profession has its value and can help you earn thousands every year. All you need is a dedication towards gaming skills, enthusiasm, quick learning, etc. And yes, no big degree is required to be eligible to become a gamer. Bring your and your clients’ imagination into reality is what a gaming professional should do to achieve their desired goal in the field.

Final Words:

The gaming industry is rising at a rapid speed and the next decade would be the best for the gaming world. No matter what kind of gaming apps you wish to develop, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with its 11+ years of humongous experience is here to help you. Let us know your requirements, we would love to fulfill with extra care.

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