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Why Successful Businesses Choose Custom Website Development Services?


Are you an exclusively online business? If you think mobile app development is enough, you are wrong! There are still plenty of people who use websites to shop for items. So, you need to look closely at your website development services! Or create one now if you don’t have one. 

A poor website may be what keeps your business from a revenue stream. Or, if you are already generating sales from your website, you could earn much more! Either way, not having the right websites is hindering your business from success. 

Parameters on Which Users Rate a Website

Let’s take a look at all the reasons why your business should only consider custom web development services from a capable website development company. 

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Excellent Website Speed

Loading times are a factor of a website that should not be taken for granted! The reason is that half of your visitors will leave your website that isn’t mobile-optimized to open in less than 3 seconds! 

So, optimizing your website’s speed is imperative to provide a seamless experience whether viewed on a desktop, mobile, or any other device. People are becoming increasingly impatient and unwilling to wait a few seconds more, knowing that a competitor’s website is much faster!  

Thus, when it comes to website speed, you are racing against the clock! But be aware that custom website development services offer the fastest loading times.

Creating a Customer Journey

When using ready-made website development services, you rarely get the opportunity to carve out a distinct customer journey. This is because most content management systems are made to suit most requirements, not those of an individual business like yours. 

However, when considering a custom website, you get more power in dictating what your users get from your website or how they navigate through your website. For most businesses, this is essential since online purchases or service hiring is made through their website.

If your website is going to be your biggest revenue generation channel, investing in a custom website is one you won’t regret.

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Flexibility in Customization

The idea of one solution for every requirement is flawed! Not every business is the same, nor do they appeal to the same audience. Thus, why would the same website layout help achieve the same goal? 

Customization allows flexibility to change your website design, functionality, and speed when required, creating a clear distinction between competitor websites and your own. Appealing to a larger audience requires your website to be extremely accessible!

If there is one thing a user will remember your website for, it’s the design or format customization. 


Search any term on a search engine, go through all the results on the first page, and you will notice something! They either feature the same design (differing only in colors), or their content is structured similarly, if not the same. 

If you are a business that is serious about standing out from the rest, having a website that is the complete opposite of your competitors is paramount to success! This is where web development services best suit your need for a unique website. 

A custom website development company in India will be able to ensure that your website will relate to your business message in the best possible way while still providing business goals in mind. 

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Limitless Creativity   

You usually don’t get much leeway to explore other options when given a strict template to fit your requirements. This can be highly restrictive to a business that is adventurous and willing to take risks. 

Also, if your business requires creative minds, only a creative website will attract a creative mind! When using a web development company in India, you can avail yourself of custom web development services. Thus, it equates to developing and designing a website from scratch.

Greater Assurity of Security   

Going forward with a website builder or CMS software can lead to security vulnerabilities on your website. These are problems you wouldn’t have to deal with if you could avail yourself of custom website development services. 

Custom websites are not hosted on a communal or open-source server. Instead, they are self-hosted or hosted by a custom website development company. Thus, more security is established. But what’s the risk of using website builders? 

These website builders are held on the same server. So, when these servers encounter an error or are affected by a bug, it can spread and compromise all the websites hosted on that server, even yours if you choose this option. 

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Still Not Convinced Custom Websites Contribute to Success? 

A website is crucial for a business that takes its brand and goals seriously. A website not only acts as the digital face of your company but also as a crucial lead and sales generation tool. 

Furthermore, the read-to-use website templates may not suit every business. Finding business success starts with your website and getting it onto a stage where it is visible.

Let’s use a real example for reference. Suppose you heard about a certain brand and would like to try their product. So, you visit their website only to find that the website is slow, unresponsive, and 

Disadvantages of Using Website Builders


Reaching your goals through your website starts with finding the best web development services provider. When you find the best website development company, they will provide you with the best custom solution to suit even the most particular requirements. 

When looking for a website development company, consider Artoon Solutions, a leading website development company in India. Having 14+ years of experience in website development and web and mobile application development, we won’t go wrong when it comes to delivering according to the last detail of your website requirements.

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