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How to Choose a Website Development Company to Hire Web Developer


Making a website is supposed to be a one-off activity. So, making sure it is perfect is essential! The quality of your website depends on the website development company you choose. But, more importantly, it depends on the experience and dedication of the web developer you hire. 

Because although the company may be experienced and professional, a website developer will be the one to have the final say in how your project turns out!  

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Questions to Ask a Website Developer Company

A website development company is the first point of contact between the client and the web developer. So, there is a clear representation between the website developer, web development company, and the caliber of services you will receive. 

So, getting the best web development services starts with getting an appropriate web development services provider. Based on this, you can hire a web developer who will develop according to your requirements. 

If you are wondering what to ask the development company, here’s a head start!

Website Development Company

What other projects similar to mine have you completed? Can I see them? 

Why ask this question:

Ultimately, you will feel more confident dealing with a company once you see how the end product looks. Therefore, asking this question is a top priority you must ask sooner rather than later. Because if what the company has to show you is not impressive, you are more likely to get another web development company to be your partner.

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What technologies do you use?

Why ask this question:

Technologies are important as they determine the ease of navigation and the website’s performance. Using a technology that is suited to websites is crucial. Also, you shouldn’t be flattered by modern technologies since finding resources to maintain and fix them can be difficult.

How will we communicate? 

Why ask this question:

Communication is key, and there is no way to avoid this matter! There could be problems if there is no direct link between the web developer and the client. 

Having an in-between could bring more problems than solutions. Requirements communicated to the ‘middleman’ could be incorrectly passed on to the website developer. Besides, the developer and client can share views, which is why the communication question is vital!

What will be the cost of your website development services?

Why ask this question:

Costs are another important factor whose range needs to be known from the outset. However, it is not that simple since costs can depend on several factors. 

A major element is the hourly rates of developers, designers, and testers. A website development company in India usually has the lowest rates for these experts despite being among the highest quality.

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When can I expect my website to be delivered? 

Why ask this question:

The website delivery deadline is also another important question that even the website development company should expect to hear. Clients needing service within a short period will be looking for immediate solutions. 

If your requirement is immediate, you must ensure that the necessary resources are available immediately to satisfy your requirements. But if resources are unavailable, your project cannot be delivered within the deadline!

Do you offer post-web development services? 

Why ask this question:

Web development services are not just about developing a website and delivering it to the client. There is so much more to this service that is overlooked! For instance, web hosting, website maintenance, and security.

Sometimes you have a hosting plan or a website and only require the other one. Therefore, you must convey your requirements to avoid miscommunications, assumptions, and wasting time. 

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Questions to Ask the Web Developer

Clients who want to get the best web development services their money can buy will be enthusiastic about speaking to the website developer.  

Website Developer

How many websites have you developed, and did you conduct research before developing them?

The web developer doesn’t have to have made hundreds of websites, but they shouldn’t be a rookie, either. You don’t want your first website to be a test trial! For an important task of website development, the developer should know what they are doing. 

Researching the project can help the developer to develop a website that best assists you in achieving your ultimate business goal.

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How do you measure the success of a website after development?

Website development success can be measured by observing the following metrics: 

  • Conversion rate: Number of people who converted from visitors to customer 
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who visit your website but don’t interact or navigate to other internal pages
  • Average time on page: The average time in which visitors stay on a page

These metrics are usually synonymous with most business or individual website goals. They can be used to measure traffic, engagement, and user-to-customer conversions.

Have you ever worked with a remote client before? 

Web developers that have never worked with a remote or international client may not be the best decision, especially if you are a novel website owner developing your first website. 

You will be more at ease if the website developer is an expert communicator and can coordinate with an international or remote client. Companies that have vast experience with international clients can come off as being more professional.

However, this is not always the case, and just adequate experience with a variety of clients at home and abroad is adequate. But, upon conducting a talk with them, you will get to know how experienced and efficient the developer is in communicating with clients. 

Another question when asking a web developer about their experience is how they manage the possibility of time zone differences.  

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Getting a trustable website development company is a great task, but an even greater task lies ahead! That is making sure you are assigned the best web developer. 

Failure to ascertain either one of these resources will result in your project being compromised. Because of this, both the company and developer must be equally experienced and professional when dealing with clients. 

If you want the best web development company in India, try Artoon Solutions, a reputable custom website development company.

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