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Corona Effect: Fantasy Sports Apps Business Has Been Earning High to No Revenue

Fantasy Sports Apps Business
Game development, game app
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Corona (COVID-19) Pandemic has put the sports industry in the uncharted world as almost all the regional, national and international sports tournaments have been canceled. It all comes when betting is easier for sports lovers & such games are gaining huge popularity.

Believe it or not, fantasy games have lost around billions of dollars in India just because of the cancellation of the IPL tournament. Now just imagine the loss of fantasy sports app businesses around the world.NBA, NHL, MLB and many more sports tournaments are on hiatus & so, no rooms are available for the betting.

It is estimated that, no national and international sports tournaments will be held in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and other countries for the next 6 months. The reason is obvious “maintain social distance”.

Fantasy Sports Apps Have Been Losing Customers

Believe it or not, the users have been deleting the apps as they are no longer useful for them. WHY? they are used for betting purpose and earn money through it. Now, no tournament will be held in the upcoming 6 months (expected); who will keep the useless app on their smartphone?

This is the most shocking news for Fantasy Sports App owners. But what they can do it the uninvited situation? It’s simple, no tournaments, no betting, no revenue.

Hey Fantasy sports game owners, don’t lose hope. Artoon Solutions is always there for you to rescue your business from losses even in the current critical situation due to Coronavirus.

What’s the Solution?

After researching a lot and analyzing the current situation, we have found out a feasible solution to keep your app users engaged; not deleting the it. As the majority of countries have been locked down and people are not allowed to go outside, they need some kind of enjoyment to spend hours staying at home.

Whether you believe it or not, games like Ludo, Rummy, Poker and Carrom are being downloaded at a rapid speed. A family feels comfortable playing such games and having fun at home.

Considering both the scenarios together, here is the ultimate solution for you.

Integrate Such Games in Your Fantasy Apps

Is it possible? Of course, it’s possible and app owners have been started to integrate them to keep users busy and not leaving them. As a real money mobile apps developer with 10 years of experience, we can integrate the game features in your existing sports betting apps and provide a good reason to users to stay engaged with your app which is now becoming worthless for them.

What Kind of Games We Can Integrate in just a Couple of Weeks?

Along with this, we do customization in your current app with some new app features that can keep your users busy as well. However, it may take more time to understand, analyze and develop an app feature.

What’s Benefit of Integrating Such Games?

The primary benefit is that your app users will not delete the app. The secondary benefits include:

Users stay more to your app

Earn money through third-party advertising

Invite others to download and play the game

What’s Cost of Integration?

Well, it’s not even a quarter of what you have spent on developing and marketing the sports fantasy app. This is a rescue operation so, it requires investment but can be affordable to save your betting app in the current fragile situation.

How Can We Help?

Artoon Solutions has been helping potential clients offering a variety of game solutions and upgrading the existing version of games for more than 10 years. No matter what kind of fantasy games and real money apps you are looking to build; we have sufficient tools and talents to launch in the real world. Let our mobile app developers show the talent to integrate games to save your fantasy sports app.

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