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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ludo King?


Are you curious about how much does it cost to develop an app like Ludo King? You are at the right place read this article for more information about the ludo game cost and features.

What’s a good way to kill the time in the digital era? Of course, it’s a “Playing Games”. During the 90s, we played board games and what was your favourite one at that time. Without a doubt, it’s a Ludo. No matter, what’s your age in the 90s, you would have played a Ludo game at least once. In the 21st century, board games are no longer preferable ways to have fun. Mobile apps have replaced them and people of all ages now play them on their smartphones.

After the card games like Rummy, Teen Pati and poker Ludo acknowledged as the widely played games in their free time. That’s the reason, Ludo King app net worth is around $285 million in 2020 and has achieved significant rank in the gaming industry. It’s hard to digest but true.

Have you ever thought about building an app similar to Ludo King with modern features? Have you ever thought about how the Ludo app generates revenues?

This post is strongly dedicated to you. Read further if you are ambitious to invest in the mobile gaming industry; Ludo is the right platform to start your journey in the gaming industry.

Develop a Trilling and Marvelous Real Money Ludo Game

To build a real money game, it’s quite necessary to consider a variety of factors including design, mobile app platform, testing, features and more. So, let’s begin:

  • UI/UX Design

    Design is what makes the players comfortable while playing. A real money app is all about security and most importantly its UI/UX design. If you fail to deliver attractive UX/UI; your plan to generate revenue will go in vain. You might have noticed that the user interface of the trending Ludo Game is so user-friendly that you won’t get bored. Believe it or not, the graphic tempts players to stay more on the app. The right mixture of images and sounds gives an immersive playing experience.

    In short, a large amount of time and investment should be spent on the design factor and that’s why it’s in the first position here. To grab the attention of users, advise your Ludo Game Development Company to deliver a decent, engaging and unique design.

  • Development Platform

    A crucial part of game development, one can’t neglect it. As we all know that the majority of mobile phones are being run on either Android or iOS operating systems. But it doesn’t mean that you need to hire Android and iOS developers. How? Today, several applications are built-in cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter, React Native and a few more.

    Even though the cost of developing an app depends on the platform and framework you pick. Building an App for Android and iPhone devices, you should opt for the cross-platform frameworks that help you reduce the cost of development; however, there are a few drawbacks too. So, choose a Ludo game developer wisely to avoid the unnecessary cost and wastage of time.

    Due to budget constraints, planning to develop an app for just Android users; hire an android ludo game app development team from reputable agencies like Artoon Solutions.

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  • Game Application Testing

    No player can ever tolerate the bugs in a game while playing. They seek for immersive playing experience and won’t get interrupted due to bugs. The experience can be offered by ensuring that a game is developed without flaws. The testing phase is even more important than the development. We would say that.

    The game app development company includes the testing phase in the development part and quote you for the same. This will help you compare development companies and their estimates. In short, your game should not have any bugs that may irritate your players. Considering the feedback from every user, bugs must be fixed.

What Features Attract Players in Real Money Ludo Game?

There is no doubt that the above points are essential but without the mesmerizing features, your game will not get succeed. The following features must be in your real money Ludo Game

Offline Mode: Let your players sharpen their skills playing in offline (computer) mode.

Play with Friend: Users play with their selected friends by creating a private room & invite friends/families/rivals to play. This feature helps users to play with real money.

Internet (Global) Mode: Let your players dive into the online tournaments with worldwide players and choose the level from beginner to pro. Let them showcase their Ludo Skills & win a huge price.

Play with Real Money: Allow users to select the table, invite friends and table amount. A winning player can withdraw the money.

Live Text & Video Chat: This is a modern feature and not all Ludo games have such features. To engage the players with each other, integration of live chat & video features is of utmost importance; however, it will increase the cost but is worth it. With this, players can turn it into an interesting one.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ludo King?

Though, the exact amount can’t be figured out until the requirements of clients aren’t mapped. To calculate the exact figure, you must share your requirements and what features you want to include in it. For example, if you want to add a live chat option, the cost will be increased. As said earlier, the cost of ludo game development depends on the platform and the team, you select.

If you choose an experienced game development company; the cost will be more than others. But the services you get will be more effective and get a flawless app.

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Another factor is the features. In a game with a very basic design and common UI/UX; the development cost will be minimal but the chances of attracting players are lower compared to games like Ludo King and Ludo Master. In a nutshell, the better functionalities & features, the higher the development cost and the bigger chance to generate revenue.

Wrapping Up

Hope, you have got the answer to “how to make a ludo game app?” Wish to build your own app like LudoKing & LudoMaster with fantastic features, Artoon Solutions is here to help convert your dream into a reality. As a ludo app development company in India, our developers are all set to assist you at every stage of the process. Choose us as your ludo game maker and get a stunning one.

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