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How To Hire Best Ludo Game Development Company


I doubt that there is anyone who has never played a game of Ludo on their mobile. Age is not a barrier, and the numbers prove this since Ludo peaked with hundreds of millions of downloads over the years. This is one of the top virtual money games and especially rose to fame during the pandemic and hasn’t been forgotten in a hurry. 

Having developed Ludo games for both MPL and Bat Bal 11, we have much experience with developing this popular game.  

Interesting Facts About Ludo Software

  • Ludo is a game of skill, not luck
  • The Ludo game originated in India
  • Dice rolls are unbiased; a 1 could follow a 6
  • Ludo games rank high as it applies to all ages 
  • An ancient form of Ludo called “Pachisi” has been discovered in India 

Guaranteed Services 

If your Ludo software requirements force you to choose between a company, freelancers, or startups, you need to think realistically. How essential is this project, and the requirement to finish on time?

If it is paramount that you stick to deadlines, you need some sort of assurance and stability. Both of these characteristics are found in one place, a company that has been around for a while and has carried out Ludo development before.

Plus, there are very limited chances of a company running away with your money and ideas because of legal obligations (NDA). 

Graphics on Par With Other Ludo Games

Ludo games come with a specific layout that specifies them as Ludo games. A particular color scheme must be present to show the app is a Ludo game. A Ludo game development company will be well aware of these requirements.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ludo needs excellent graphics since it is a board game. Anything less than excellent could make your Ludo app appear boring and dull! There are ways to make the app more interesting using visual effects. 

However, there are slim chances of a freelancer or inexperienced Ludo game app development company providing expert graphics. For this, your business needs to hire an expert Ludo game development company. 

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Reliability and Confidentiality

If dealing with a freelance developer, especially in another country, you have no control over their ability to deliver the project. Also, you don’t know with whom they may share details about your project. 

But, when dealing with a company, an NDA can help avoid leaking sensitive details about your project. The development company can be held accountable if data is spread under the NDA. Thus, dealing with a company is more reliable and offers more confidentiality. 

User and App Security 

Even a game app is not exempt from hacking. If anything, the high user base they attract makes them more appealing to hackers! For this reason, security is a factor whose importance cannot and must not be downplayed! 

Security can involve data encryption, offering users a chance to lock the app and require a password/pin, among other methods. Lack of security can result in your app being hacked and leaving users susceptible to having their data stolen and possibly misused.

More Options in Less Time! 

An expert Ludo game development company knows the ropes of Ludo features. This knowledge is especially useful if the prospective app owner forgets to add a feature or thinks it’s unnecessary. Plus, they can put the app together faster if they offer Whitelabel solutions and a ready-made codebase. 

Excluding an essential feature from your Ludo software could be an unfortunate decision that could prove to be a deal-breaker for users. There are always game features that users would love to use but are not provided with. 

Game development companies are already ahead, researching what users are looking for in an app! Partnering with such a company could help give users the game and features they want. 

Not every Ludo game owner incorporates these features for various reasons, such as costs. This often means you can get ahead of the competition if you have a slightly higher budget or if you have a smarter idea in mind! 

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Guaranteed Testing and Quality Assurance 

Testing is one of the pillar stages in Ludo game development, and rightfully so. The smallest of errors in the game’s code could nullify the app’s value. Testing and quality assurance ensures that apps have no vulnerabilities and can function given a wide range of environments. 

Your Ludo mobile app may be used on multiple devices, meaning a multitude of device screens, specifications, and other requirements. 

Types of Mobile Apps Testing 

Mobile app testing helps to analyze the app’s performance, functionality, and design, across multiple devices of the same OS. 

  • Usability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing

Regression testing is a vital testing technique to assess if your app will crash after launch when refactoring, optimization, or feature updates. This is a must-see as without identifying these problems, your Ludo software could crash within weeks. 

Customized Features

Have a groundbreaking Ludo feature in mind? Hiring an expert Ludo game app development company can guarantee that it will be incorporated into the app perfectly. 

The team available with a development company can ensure that the feature is designed and functions according to the correct idea of the app owner. Freelancers or small teams that don’t have the resources may not develop the feature that you have envisioned. 

In turn, this may affect the outcome of the app and not for the best! Your app could fail if the customization you seek is unavailable.  

Take modern Ludo games as an example. They incorporate the ability to play vs. friends/family, worldwide players, or even the game’s intelligence (AI).  

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Ludo Game Development done right could cement a path into the captivating industry that has proven its significance. At one point Ludo games boasted as many as hundreds of millions of users. 

But, it all starts with choosing to partner with an expert Ludo game development company. There are many legitimate reasons why you should seek out Ludo game development services. If you want a guarantee of quality, reliability, adherence to deadlines, and customization, it is best to hire a company and not a freelancer or startup.

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