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How to Leverage Fantasy Sports App Userbase to Generate Revenue?


Playing a game is always good stuff to kill time in the 21st century, especially in the current situation where 100+ countries are under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But here fantasy sports games are an exception. WHY? Fantasy sports app are no longer active because no tournament has been held in the last couple of months in 2020. While in 2019, thousands of sports tournaments had been held in various countries. Almost 6 months have been completed in 2020 but only a few spots tournaments had been organized in January and February.

Even though there is no fixed timeline for when will coronavirus pandemic comes to an end. That’s why Sports fantasy games are being gone through the worst time since the game was in the start-up phase. Believe it or not, many sports apps have earned millions in 2019 but not even thousands in the first half of 2020. Reason? Coronavirus outbreak and not exactly the date of the end of pandemic.

As the Fantasy sports gaming apps have been suffering a hard-part since they launched, there is a solution to earn a handsome amount through the app even when no tournament is going to be held. How?

Generally, Fantasy apps have users in lacs and now they have no option to play and bet on their favorite players. App owners might have spent millions to build a strong user base and app marketing. But due to this pandemic situation, many apps couldn’t earn a huge revenue despite having a giant user base.

Don’t worry, Artoon Solutions is here to provide some good suggestions on how to leverage users and generate revenue through it.

Transform Your App into a Multi-Gaming Platform in Few Weeks

It seems a little bit weird but true. During a lockdown, people love to play games online and is the preferred way to spend time sitting at home without getting bored. Then why not take this opportunity and give your users a reason to not to uninstall your gaming app. As you know that no one would like to keep an app installed in the smartphone which is no longer active. Who will allow the storage space to inactive apps? This is a risk of losing users if you will not give a good reason to let them play on your gaming app.

The most feasible solution is “Covert into a multi-gaming platform” until the world becomes normal. The very next question comes in mind quickly that “How can I Include a multi-gaming platform in my Fantasy sports betting app?”

To get the answer: Click here

What are the Benefits of Having a Multigaming Platform App?

Well, plenty of benefits you can see when you are having a multi-gaming platform app and a big userbase.

  • Users have multiple games to play including fun, mind tricks, real money games and more
  • It doesn’t make your users bored as it consists of different category games
  • Add real money games like Teen Patti Game, Ludo, Rummy, Poker, etc and generate revenue
  • Users can invite their friends to play games that will help you increase the number of users

Now, the next question would be:

How can I Add Games and Who Can Develop Games for Me?

Let me tell you very clear that not all mobile apps and game development companies can help you develop and/or add a game in your multi-gaming platform. It’s true. Configuring a multi-gaming platform into fantasy sports apps and including gaming apps is not an easy task for mobile app development companies. Only experienced and reputable game development companies like Artoon Solutions can do it.

We have developed hundreds of multi-gaming platform for valued customers around the globe. No matter what kind of fantasy app do you have and which kind of real money games you want to include in it; our team is always ready to deliver you are looking for.

How to Divert Fantasy Sports User in Real Money Game Platform:

Thank god, you asked the question. Assuming that you have app users in lacs but due to COVID-19, they can’t bet and play. That means your app is no longer worthy of them. But when you install the multi-gaming platform in it, your users will have another option and a reason to keep your app installed in their devices.

To divert the users, you need to consider the following things.

  • Transformation should be well structured with proper layout and design
  • Profile information and logs should not be deleted
  • Add trendy real money apps into a gaming platform
  • Offer some discounts on adding money
  • Make money withdraw process easy
  • Include referral programs for inviting friends
  • Make sure that your app should not get crashed while users are playing games.

Difference Between Real Money Games and Fantasy Sports Games

Real Money game is one that charges a fee from players to play the game on the Internet with other players. By playing games online, players can earn money by defeating other players. The best example of a real money app is Teen Patti which is widely acknowledged by card game lovers.

While on the other end, Fantasy Sports Game is one that is often played on the Internet where players choose the real players of virtual teams of professional sports like cricket, football, basketball, baseball, etc. The virtual teams compete based on the actual performance of real players in an actual game. The players’ performance is calculated in terms of points and the higher points earned player wins the game.

The major difference between these two is:

Players can play and earn 24X7 on real money games while in Fantasy sports games, players can only play when a particular real tournament is going on. It means players have limited time to play the game. When no real tournament is running, the fantasy app is worthless.

Develop Multigame Platform & Start Leveraging the Giant Userbase

Artoon Solutions offers a wide range of real money games like Teen Patti, Ludo, Pokers, and more similar to these. We have satisfied 100+ clients around the globe by delivering the multi-gaming platform solutions like WinZo, MPL, HAGO and more. Our mobile game app development team has years of experience and technically sound to develop a multi-gaming platform and install on your fantasy app.

Let our teamwork for you and start getting advantages of having a big crowd of users and generate revenue through it.

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