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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iGaming Platform?


Before COVID-19, people never used to play mobile games much and the gaming industries were going gradually through a slow-growing patch. Then the pandemic and lockdown increased the revenues for these companies and today we can notice a quick growth of gaming industries. Gaming industries like real money and fantasy sports became highly successful and there is no comparison. So in this rapid growth and advanced technology, there is an iGaming Platform that has also grown in a faster way. So, what is iGaming then? Let’s take a look.

What is iGaming?

Carrying games in your pocket is iGaming i.e. virtually everyone is carrying thousands of games on their mobile devices.

iGaming consists of Real money games i.e. skill-based games, Virtual money games i.e. both luck & skill-based games i.e. Casino, Cards, Puzzles, Boards, Sports, Hyper-casual, Fantasy sports, etc.

It is not only restricted to sports wagering but includes a lot of fun and real earning. Mobile gaming involves a variety of games such as mobile gaming like Rummy, CallBreak, Teen Patti, Solitaire, Andar Bahar, Mindi, and sports betting. iGaming is gaining popularity day by day and has become one of the most mainstream in the entire gaming world.

Cost and Features of iGaming Platform

The cost of making an iGaming platform varies starting from the design to its features and functionalities. Let’s take a look at the cost structure of the game.

UI/UX Design

If the owner demands a high-quality UI/UX for the app then the design will cost a moderate amount. Designing has a great impact and most people look at the design of the app very seriously. The more quality graphics, the more price it will cost.

3D Avatars

These are the new modern ways of attracting a large number of gamers in a small time. 3D avatars make the game very interesting and almost every player wants an avatar-based game. 3D avatar-based games cost considerably high and if the owner wants to make an impact in the gaming world he must add a feature like 3D Avatar.

You’ll find many Cards and Casino games in 2D layout but there are rarely any card games that are completely 3D and that too with 3D Avatars from head to toe. One of the best examples is: 400 Arba3meyeh

Features & Functionalities

The cost of developing an iGaming platform varies for different types of games. There are two types of games i.e 2D games and 3D games. It goes without saying that 2D game designing shall be done at a lesser duration in comparison to 3D games. Let’s take an example, in 2D games the background is just an image compared the same with 3D games the background will have different assets. For example, the background of a seashore will contain a chair, an umbrella, beach ball, coconut, etc. Comparing the same with a 2D background simply an image will be there. Henceforth, in creating a 2D and 3D game, duration is the main factor that increases the cost of the game, but at the same time, the gamers will like to play 3D games as it creates a realistic feeling for gamers.

It goes without saying, designing is an important aspect of any game and which can decide the cost of the gaming project, but development is also one of the most important and integral parts. If the game is thoroughly logical then the development phase will have a longer duration compared to the designing phase. Henceforth, it goes without saying that development and its logical part is also deciding factor in any type of game.

The best examples of card games

1. 2D Design

Let’s take an example of a Rummy game on the iGaming platform. There are many Rummy games available on the internet and here are some of the best examples of 2D Rummy games: Indian Rummy,, MyTeam11, Rummy777, Hello play, etc.

2. 3D Design

The best example of a 3D avatar-based card game is 400 arba3meyeh as aforementioned. Here if you notice all the avatars are 3D based from head to toe they all are having animation which can create a different aura for the gamers. The playing table, chair, background i.e. environment everything is 3D. So, when a game owner decides to develop a 3D avatar-based game the costing will be divided into various parts. (i) 3D Avatar, (ii) Assets (table, chair, background, etc)

Vendor Selection

It is very important to select a vendor who is having a proven experience in 3D and 2D games (Cards, Casinos, Boards, Puzzles, Sports, Hyper-casual, Fantasy sports). The game owner must make sure the vendor is having an in-house team of 2D/3D Designers, Developers, and QA(Testers). Having a QA team with a game development company is a big benefit because whatever game is delivered to the owner will be QA checked.


iGaming is the future of the gaming industry. Many youngsters, bachelors, and even professional workers are into this type of game mode. It is very beneficial and a source of earning if you have skills. So, are you looking for an iGaming platform development company? Artoon Solutions is one of the most successful game development companies in India with almost 14 years of experience in the development department.

We always stick with cutting-edge technology and cater to every challenge. We have a complete 200+ in-house strength starting with experienced 2D/3D Graphics Designers, Frontend/backend developers, Game developers, QA Engineers(Testers), Project Managers, and the Server team. We always try to understand

what are the customer’s needs and then build the required mobile app/game app/website etc?

Artoon Solutions is always there for you to help. Drop an email at [email protected].

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