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ReactJS or Angular- Which one would you choose?


Choosing the best platform for your web application is not easy. Every business owner or entrepreneur looks for a platform that suits his or her business requirements. If you are one among the newbies who are struggling, then you are sure to find it hard to select among the myriad of frameworks the best one that chooses you. Being the most popular and used frontend development tool, we will discuss which platform one must choose based upon their specific requirements- ReactJS or Angular.

Let’s discuss below the benefits, popularity, and usage of these development tools so that it will help you decide which to choose for our project ReactJS or Angular.

Kindly keep in mind that this article is only my personal opinion and also based on some articles I read about the same

Benefits of using Angular development

  • High Performance

    Since Angular uses the asynchronous mode of communication, the loading speed of each web page becomes speedy. Here, a part of the back-end queries is removed thus paving way for improved web application development. Also, due to the hierarchy of Angular, the classes instead of depending on each other approach external sources thus delivering better performance.

  • Easy to install and use

    Through Angular, one can create out-of-the-box apps that are extremely easy to install and use due to their command Line Interface. Angular is very beginner-friendly, delivers innovative testing tools and simpler commands, and also offers seamless updates.

  • Fewer and cleaner Codes

    Angular offers a declarative framework thus providing better comprehension, execution, and optimization. Also, Angular eliminates the unnecessary use of code and thus it requires fewer lines of coding. The typescript programming language used in Angular eliminated issues while writing the codes thus ensuring cleaner and bug-free coding

  • Component-based architecture

    This type of architecture enables reusability, testability, readability, and maintainability. The component-based architecture enables its components to be encapsulated and loosely coupled and thus can be easily replaced. Here, each component has an explicit specification and remains unassociated from its environment.

  • Expandable modular platform

    Angular enables the formation of numerous modules in a single application. A prime advantage of the Angular framework is that it recognizes the need for additional modules. Thus for the successful execution of an application, this framework enables combination with other modules.

  • Better error management

    Any error can hinder the developer’s work. When comes to Angular, it has an upgraded error-handling process. Angular offers two types of error-handling mechanisms such as default error handling and HTTP errors. Default error handling uses the traditional way of error catching whereas global error handling is handled by ErrorHandler class.

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Benefits of using ReactJS development

  • SEO friendly

    Usually, JavaScripts frameworks are not very SEO-friendly. But with ReactJS, this problem is solved as it deals with the common issues faced by search engines faced while reading JavaScript-heavy apps.

  • Reusability of codes

    This characteristic of ReactJS allows developers to reuse the components that were once used in some other applications. This saves a lot of time and effort thus enabling faster execution of tasks. Due to lesser coding in ReactJS, the chances of errors becomes less as well. By using ReactJS, the speed of application development enhances thus enhancing the retention of customers.

  • Easier and quick development

    ReactJS eliminates the use of awkward HTML strings, as it makes use of JSX which simplifies coding by rendering particular subcomponents Also; the use of a Virtual DOM in React.js denotes that all changes are applied to the virtual DOM, finally using an algorithm, the real DOM tree is updated with the minimum time consumed.

  • Easier learning curve

    ReactJS doesn’t contain any patterns, templates, complex internals, or architecture like MVVM or MVC, thus becoming extremely simple to learn. If you are new to the field, then ReactJS becomes considerably simple to use as you can easily get into the insights and build an exemplary web app. ReactJS is not a fully-featured framework, it is a library and more specifically the V in the MVC pattern.

  • Strong Community support

    ReactJS has a strong community of developers if one gets stuck in any place asking questions can be an easy task. Beforehand, the rich library of ReactJS was created for internal use and eventually dispensed with the rest of the world. Being supported by Facebook and Instagram teams.

  • Rich JavaScript library

    ReactJS has a developer-friendly environment. By choosing reactJS, the developers are free to choose what they want as these libraries make their life easier. ReactJS can allow one to create complex apps that are easy to scale and maintain.

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Renowned companies using ReactJS and Angular

Being the top front-end development tools, various reputed brands are using the same for their business purposes.

Which is more popular – ReactJS or Angular?

We have taken two criteria to decide upon the popularity of these two popular front-end development tools below:

  • Based on Google trends

    As per the below-given google trend statistics, it is clear that ReactJS is certainly the most popular library so far.

    Google trend- ANgluar vs react

  • Based on open-source community involvement

    Below given are the statistics on the popularity of Angular and ReactJS, based on the open-source community involvement of these two frameworks.

Check out a detailed comparison of Angular vs. ReactJS

When to use ReactJS and Angular?

  • ReactJS must be used if:

    As per the below-given google trend statistics, it is clear that ReactJS is certainly the most popular library so far.

  • Angular must be used if:

    Below given are the statistics on the popularity of Angular and ReactJS, based on the open-source community involvement of these two frameworks.

Above here, we have covered some important points that can help you decide the best front-end tools for your project i.e. ReactJS or Angular. Just in case you still aren’t sure about your choice, then feel free to contact us anytime. Our developers will help you by suggesting the best framework that suits your project after knowing your exact requirements and expectation.

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