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Why Do We Think that Angular is the Best Development Framework?


Angular-one of the most popularly used website development frameworks. With a range of JavaScript-based frameworks, selecting one that is suitable for your business is not an easy task. Angular is a powerful network that is developed by Google and has earned attention among developers across the world. In this blog, we have explained why we think Angular is the best and most used website development framework.

The Journey Angular has been through


Reasons to choose Angular development services for your project

  • Single Page Applications (SPA) Oriented Features

    This feature gives a seamless and smooth user experience. SPA excludes the need of loading a new page from the server and allows rewriting of the current page. SPA along with Angular provides the best user experience. With built-in validation, angular can create its own validator.

  • Simpler unit-testing

    This stupendous framework allows the developer to develop codes and test the modules independently. Angular has independent modules and sub-parts that are easily manageable. Developers can test a particular module while the remaining section stays unaltered. This saves time as well as money and also allows the developers to get the result they wanted.

  • TypeScript

    TypeScript language that is used in angular ensures higher security, detects and rectifies errors, and effective maintenance. Being written in TypeScript, Angular makes abstraction explicit, coding easier to understand and read, and improved navigation, and autocompletion services.

  • Consistent coding

    Proper coding has to be consistent and compatible. Inconsistent coding can increase any delayed launches and costs. This being an opinionated framework, it uses the rxjs library for all asynchronous functions. Developers can utilize this consistent coding as it is easy to use and also uses templates and pre-defined code snippets.

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  • Great features

    Angular has expressive HTML, powerful data binding, modular design, and built-in backend integration. It has great features such as Data-binding, scope, deep linking, dependency injection, filters, directives, built-in services, controller, scope, etc.

  • Good Community support

    Being developed and maintained by Google, Angular has a strong community supporting it. With a dedicated team of experts who are constantly involved and putting their efforts in improving the framework. Not just this, there are a variety of online study materials for Angular available for the developers to refer to making their life even easy.

  • Two-way binding

    Angular has effective bidirectional data binding. The synchronization between the model and the view component is referred to as data binding. Any changes made in the model component are displayed in the view component and vice-versa. This means that if the data store is altered, the UI is also altered. Two-way binding also shows that the underlying data store happens automatically.

    We hope these reasons are good enough for you to understand why to choose Angular for your next web application development.

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