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Why You Should Hire a Top iOS App Development Company


When looking to venture into the mobile app development market for the first time, you may think that cutting corners is the way to go. However, you are wrong! Making the wrong decision so early on in iOS app development can set your whole project up for failure. 

So why should you choose to go for an iOS app development company? That is, instead of a freelancer or a freelancer or a startup. There are several reasons, and you are better off if we elaborate further. 

Reliability and Stability 

Imagine the developer asking for money to start the project and then disappearing! This will not be a reality when dealing with an iOS app development company. There are legalities behind the project and specific instances requiring payment, and development will cease without this compensation. 

This makes your iOS app development process run smoothly without any misunderstandings. All in all, you’ll get a reliable and stable partner since they are bound by a contract that will only end upon the completion of the terms stated in the agreement.  

Professional Environment 

There’s nothing worse than wasting time by being unprofessional. Clients are usually busy and don’t have much time to explain their requirements over and over again. That’s where excellent levels of professionalism are necessary to ensure appropriate behavior and efficiency. 

Opting to hire a company to get iOS app development services instead of a freelancer is bound to offer the best professional environment you could ask for. 

Access to Resources

An iOS development company has extensive resources and would be able to adapt to your project’s additional requirements if they arise! However, a freelancer or startup probably won’t be able to adjust to your project’s growing requirements. 

Companies employ several experts and have the infrastructure and hardware to develop high-quality applications. The iOS app development services will not be lacking in any shape or form as they have been specializing in such services for a long time. 

Ability to Harness Modern Trends and Technology

A separate team or individual dedicates efforts to research and analysis. They work to find techniques to integrate modern approaches and technologies in their daily development cycle. 

This guarantees progressive iOS app development that will offer revolutionary iOS applications that measure up to expectations. 

Free-Consultation on First Time

Clear-Cut Development Process 

To inconvenience themselves, freelance developers alter development timings. This needlessly hinders investors and prospective app owners.

But, when dealing with an iOS app development company, one process is followed for all projects. This process has been devised, keeping the client’s location and time zone discrepancies in mind. Also, software testing will be a marked stage in the iOS app development process.  

Experience and a Wide Array of Skills 

Not many individuals have a portfolio that possesses 14+ years of excellence! Dealing with a company is more likely to get you an organization with an exceptional experience, both locally and internationally. 

Plus, companies have vast experience working with many clients whose backgrounds arise from various business verticals. Ultimately, this benefits clients by ensuring development companies don’t run aground during development. 

Concise Communication

Investing a fortune in an iOS application development company is not without unforeseeable risks. Mitigating risk is possible through transparent communication. Therefore, any development bottlenecks can be resolved timely and effortlessly.

Also, milestone completion helps keep clients informed of changes and project progress. Hence, regular and effective communication aids both parties in assuring a mutually beneficial relationship. 


People assume that development companies sell the “one size fits all” motto. Actually, the solutions devised by such companies are highly customized.

These applications all share one similarity, they feature the basic iOS app blueprint. Otherwise, no two projects are identical and require a unique design and even different approaches if necessary. 

The Extra Mile

While most IT solution providers are looking just to develop and design a mediocre solution, some companies go the extra mile! This incorporates post-development activities such as support and maintenance. 

Any iOS application only thrives and maintains high standards if it is still being looked after by the owner, a technical team, and customer support executives. 

Prioritizing Quality Over Cost 

Companies look toward building relationships with clients. So while cost is fixed, quality compromising never occurs. Testers and QAs assure that there are no bugs or quality shortfalls. 

Dealing with a startup or individual means that there are chances you won’t get your money’s worth! Also, a high workload can cause an already stressed individual or startup to rush, resulting in errors. 

hire ios app developers


Positives and negatives will always exist when dealing with an iOS application development company. However, the positives always outweigh the negatives. It’s always more reliable and safe to deal with than an individual. 

Legitimate organizations looking for a partner in iOS or Android app development can choose Artoon Solutions. You won’t be better off with a company having less experience than this company. Don’t delay it further, partner with a leading iOS app development company in India.

Is an iOS app development company less expensive than an individual? 

Most probably not! However, you can be guaranteed excellent quality when dealing with a company over an individual or a startup. So, the extra cost is justified by the quality of work you will receive.

How long does iOS app development take? 

It usually depends on the number of features and overall complexity of the project. Companies with less complex requirements may require less time than other projects. Generally, anywhere between 3 to 6 months is the time needed to develop an iOS application. But timelines can vary based on resource availability and additional client development requirements. 

Which is the more popular OS, Android or iOS? 

The more popular operating system will significantly depend on your target geographic location. For example, it is Android in India, and in the USA, it is iOS. But, if your application needs a global launch, having both Android and iOS is essential!

What type of app can I get developed? 

We deliver solutions to a wide array of industries. These include hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, games, IT, manufacturing, and food & beverage.  

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