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The Role of IoT in Custom Web Development Services


Technology has evolved so far that we don’t rely on particular software to accomplish a task. The Internet has greatly changed people’s lives. Today we can no longer imagine life without the Internet. It has become a necessity.

Everyone is experiencing the Internet of Things these days. It could be the smartphone or vending machine that the user is using. Soon, many technologies will enable customized services for customers using IoT.

How does IoT help in Day-to-Day Life?

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is beneficial in the modern tech world. When it comes to the latest improvements that shaped the day to day life, all credit goes to IoT for the incredible software support. 

Still, trying to understand? Let’s see the bigger picture. 

Suppose you are working on an important work and not carrying a mobile device but instead a smartwatch to stay synced. With the help of IoT, the smartwatch will receive phone notifications like calls, messages, etc. We are heading towards a fully technological world where devices use will be more and physical work will be less. 

Considering all these factors, I wondered what is the role of IoT in custom web development services

The Internet of Things is a worldwide network of interconnected objects uniquely addressable and based on standard communication protocols. Currently, as we look at the standards, IoT in web development is a more complicated task than normal web development and design. IoT web apps must deal with high data volumes, security, excessive communications, reliability issues, and so on. 

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Here are factors that define the role of IoT in Web Development

IoT in Web Development

Collecting & Processing Massive Volumes of Data

IoT usually collects massive volumes of data from the sensors and works on it by processing them to transfer through the cloud network. IoT-enabled systems send processed data over cloud networks, so you don’t have to worry about system delays. The key to IoT development is the focus on network reliability and scalability compared to traditional web development.

Enterprises need to hire IoT developers with expertise in languages ​​and frameworks that enable scalable IoT applications, including languages ​​such as Angularjs, Laravel, Ionic, Java, C, and JavaScript.

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Excellent User Interface (UI)

Creating interactive and stunning UI is the most demanding aspect of web development which is not an easy task in IoT. Developing with IoT is efficient in creating trendy user interfaces and providing dynamic experiences for users. In line with current development trends, the role of web developers is increasing.

The developer can run an A/B split test during development to select the latest version. In this way, the quality of the UI can be improved. 

Cyber security & Onsite Assurance

IoT peddles massive amounts of data but it also secures business data. IoT offers great security to protect your data (business and users). Web apps, of which IoT is a part, enable critical identification technologies to control data malfunction and enable security. 

Support On Mobile Platforms

IoT has the biggest advantage of working with remote areas from mobile devices. IoT-integrated devices can display website results. Small-screen devices such as fitness bands, smartphones, and smartwatches. Everything is connected to the internet and can share information that enriches our lives. 

Chatbot Integration

It is another aspect that is increasingly popular nowadays. Chatbots integrate with machine learning algorithms to respond to user requests without human intervention. Google has released many major algorithm updates in the past years that rank integrated sites through voice algorithms rather than non-voice ones. 

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Advantages of IoT 

Advantages of IoT

Enhanced Communication

IoT-based web apps can communicate with different smart devices and provide information to users on the go. Not only that, these apps can communicate directly with the devices to perform a wide range of activities such as improving productivity, efficiency, processes, customer engagement, retention, and much more. 

Complex but Strong Web Development Mechanism

Users will primarily use the front-end interface to communicate with devices such as sensors, cameras, and smartwatches as an example. Developers might need to use powerful programming languages to develop complex and efficient back-end and front-end frameworks for website development

Excellent Remote Access Control

IoT enables web developers to display website content on different devices such as smartwatches, personal assistants, smart bands, and other computing devices. 

Boost in Connectivity

In the case of IoT, the data is transmitted to the cloud and then to connected devices, which allows users to efficiently communicate with the websites, and web apps and then receive information. 

Improved Security Measures

Since there are many interconnected devices in the IoT network, it is challenging to maintain security layers which is why web developers adopt strict security guidelines to protect data. Strict guidelines include advanced user authentication and user access management to prevent the app from potential threats. 

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Examples of IoT-based Apps and their impact

Urbanfootprint – Urbanfootprint’s urban planning software is an IoT-based web app that is used to design sustainable cities.

Palletech – Palletech makes cloud-connected pallets for manufacturing. Pallet providers can keep track of their products and recycling opportunities with this IoT web application. 

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In Short! 

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