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Things You Need to Look at Before Developing a Real Money Gaming App


What is a Real Money Gaming App?

Real Money Gaming App is a type of game that is played through online media in which real money is wagered on the outcome of the game. The user can buy chips/coins to play the game. If the user wins, he will earn more chips/coins and if the users lose, the chips/coins will be deducted from the account. In the end, if the user wants to withdraw the winning amount the chips/coins will be converted into real money. Here each chip/coin has a monetary value.

Why are Real Money Games so Popular?

1. Making some money real money

You might have heard that gaming is a waste of time and you will learn nothing by playing games. Well, it’s not true. Real money games come as an end to this thing. You can earn real money by playing these games. Here you learn some skills too, without skills you can’t win in real money games. Find a game you are skillful at and you can make some money.

2. Mobility

If you have a real-money game installed on your device, you are basically carrying a casino, a Rummy, Callbreak, Ludo, Carrom and many more games in your pocket. Playing for money was just a thing in all real money games previously. In past days you have to go to a certain place like to play a casino game you must be in a casino. But now, you have a pocket casino and you can play, earn from wherever and whatever you want to. You can play various multiplayer games and now you can earn real money instead of just earning rank and winning medals in the game. Here the award is real money and that is something users really care about.

3. Mobile Friendly

Many games are designed by keeping in mind that the games will run on various devices and OS platforms. Highly advanced processors can handle every graphics. Moreover, some real money games don’t require high graphics. The modern solution to bigger games is that you can develop a lite version of the same gaming app with lower graphics and customization.

This is the reason why real money/ skill-based games so popular. Real money games are preferred by developers or companies because of the money system. There is a fixed commission that you will get when someone buys some chips and thus the monetary system of real money games attract developers and companies. Here are some essential things you have to consider while developing real money games.

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Things to Consider While Developing Real Money Games

Code Optimization

Optimization ensures the smooth working of the app. As money is a factor here, no one wants bugs in the app while playing. If bugs are occurring, your game won’t succeed and this might spell disaster for the company. Users want everything to be done as soon as possible. A well-optimized app will start in just a few seconds and thus it will make the users satisfied. In money game development App code optimization really matters when you have a large number of users.

Best Payment Option

Where do you save your money? In a small least known bank or in a well-reputed bank? Of course, it is in a well-reputed bank where you can trust. The same goes for the players who will select the payment gateway in your app. Payment is a topic where if the user is even 1% unsure, he will not go forward with the payment.

You will find many payment options in the market but you should always go with the option that is popular, known to people, and trustworthy. Also, users don’t like a bunch of methods to complete the payment. Select a payment option that is fast, simple, and reliable. Something like the UPI payment feature will gain user’s trust easily.

Highly Scalable and Robust Servers

Accessing and storing the data in a convenient way is a necessity for both game owners and players. As the number of users increases with time, it is obvious that a normal server can’t handle the bulk requests at the same time. It may delay the game progress and a player who is going to win the game might end up on the losing side. Sometimes the app might crash. This will create a bad impact and will be the reason for the revenue loss in the market.

Depending on the app users, you should opt for a highly efficient and robust server to handle the user’s requests and respond to them quickly. This will create satisfaction in users and the app reputation will increase to the next level.

Multiple Transaction Option

The main reason why the users have downloaded your app is they want to earn money and therefore the payment and transaction should be simple and not take much time. The best thing you can do is provide a multiple number of transaction options like Credit cards, Debit cards, and UPI (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay). This feature also helps in getting user’s trust and a simple and quality payment option will result in more users.

Backup Retention Policy

Once your game is live this is the most important step to secure users’ data. You should do daily backups for user data and you should also keep a manual backup using online storage or other services of at least last week’s data.

If anything goes wrong and you don’t have the backup then all the earned chips/coins will be lost. This will create an unnecessary loss. You must have a proper backup retention policy. You can do something like connect the game account with the social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Gmail).

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As a Real Money Game owner you should always remember the above discussed points. The reputation, the popularity that gaming industries have currently is incomparable. The technology is growing and so are the gaming industries and skill-based games are being at the top of it as always.

So, do you want to develop a real money gaming app? Artoon Solutions is one of the best companies you will go through. With having a successful 14+ years of experience and 180+ in-house expert game developers, we cater through every challenge and provide the best game app by sticking with the latest technology.

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