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10 Common WordPress Myths Explained (Why They are not True)


There are a lot of mixed feelings about WordPress Myths. It’s not just because people think WordPress is just for blogs; more dissent is being spread about this platform. But once cleared up, the positives of using WordPress website development are virtually endless!      

Developing a WordPress website requires a smaller team as the need for website designers is naturally scaled down. A team of developers will not be necessary as it is less technical using WordPress than any other programming language.    

Is WordPress Just for Blogging Websites? 

This is often a reason why many people overlook WordPress. It’s because they think WordPress caters exclusively to blogging websites. Although this was the case when it was first launched, things have changed, and it remains one of the biggest WordPress myths. 

Today, WordPress remains one of the most diverse website builders. It makes anything from an information business website to a blogging platform and even an eCommerce store, a website by which owners can conveniently sell products!   

If you need further proof of how you can utilize WordPress, take a look at these websites:

Famous Brands Using WordPress

As you can see, none of these websites are the same, and they each serve varying purposes! By now, you should be convinced that WordPress website development doesn’t just yield a blog website. 

WordPress lets you host a website that conveys any message. Thus, websites can be made that resonate with your audience while also conveying your brand’s mission. 

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WordPress Security

WordPress website security has been scrutinized of late! Some deem it an insecure platform riddled with errors and vulnerability to hackers. News of mass data breaches hasn’t aided the platform either.

However, considering WordPress almost powers half the internet, such breaches are expected. 

Plus, don’t forget that website security is a separate entity; it is up to the website owner to choose what level of security they want! So naturally, people who don’t prioritize security often have poorly secured websites. 

NOTE- WordPress is regularly updated with new versions available to ensure security is maintained and new features are constantly updated.  

Is It Free?

Building a website on WordPress is free, and you can even check this out for yourself on their website. You can build the website yourself if you have time to invest. But you may need a WordPress website development company if you don’t have time.

Coming back to costs, what’s the point of developing an amazing website if no one will ever get to see it? That’s where hosting comes in. Making your website visible to the world over the internet requires a hosting partner and a hosting plan.  

Additionally, availing certain plugins and a domain name costs money- mind you, WordPress offers all these!  

Most believe it is too good to be true and pass on false news that WordPress is a paid platform. But this is a myth, and you won’t have to pay a cent until your website is up and you require a certain plugin or hosting. 

Otherwise, developing a custom website using a particular technology can attract a hefty amount of money. 

Free Consultations

SERPS Favor WordPress Websites!

WordPress myths state that such websites guarantee SEO ranking and better visibility on search engines. This false news needs debunking! 

WordPress doesn’t guarantee good SERP rankings! Any website, WordPress or not, can rank. Ranking on SERPs depends on the ability to execute search engine optimization practices to certify it as an excellent search result.  

For people with limited experience and knowledge about SEO, WordPress offers a paid tool called Yoast SEO. This SEO tool simplifies all website SEO-related activities. 

Lack of Theme and Design Options

You may have staggered across two websites that featured a similar design or even the same one. There are two reasons for this.

  • The high number of WordPress websites on the internet 
  • The fact that many WordPress website owners don’t bother to access the full range of themes available to them. Leading to several users applying the same or simplest theme   

Also, just for clarification, WordPress offers hundreds of themes, the majority of which are free to use. If these do not suit your requirements, you can even look at the paid themes, many of which are decently priced.     

You will only need website designers if you want to further customize your website without using one of the themes already provided. Otherwise, you can do several actions yourself, including adding more elements to an existing theme or changing themes altogether! 

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Support Limitation 

For people saying there is a lack of support in the WordPress ecosystem, there is a whole website dedicated to it! is a website where you can communicate your query and issue and get a quick response from other WordPress users. 

There is a massive WordPress community, and this is as good as a support team since they have probably experienced the same problems and can provide insightful information.  

If you search the internet, you are more likely to find solutions to your WordPress website issues than any other website builder. Having easily accessible information leads to savings since you don’t have to pay for dedicated technical support.    

WordPress Isn’t Robust Enough For Enterprises 

WordPress websites are not always small, and the platform is not restricted to just startups! A WordPress website is highly scalable and flexible to your specific requirements. 

These websites are robust enough to support the requirements of enterprises that have thousands or millions of people accessing their websites! Proving that WordPress is not just for making a hobby website.  

If you don’t think you will have that many people on your website, you don’t have to make any specific changes except that you should choose a low costing and lower-capability hosting plan. 

There’s an endless supply of famous brands and MNCs that have decided to use WordPress websites instead of developing one from scratch. 

Low Cost Means Low-Quality

WordPress website development doesn’t cost a fortune, but that doesn’t mean the quality is low, either! 

Consider it an affordable and good-quality offering that anyone can use regardless of how big or small their budget is. Quality isn’t always decided by price, and a WordPress website is one example. 

Plus, you will be rather pleased when your WordPress website functions like an expensive custom-developed website. Also, a WordPress website will look better than a custom-built website!    

Using WordPress Requires Experience & Knowledge 

People hold off on their decision to develop a WordPress website because they believe they need knowledge and experience to do it. This creates one of the WordPress myths that such websites are difficult to maintain!  

WordPress is one of, if not the most simplified, website-building platforms. Websites don’t get easier than this!

A leading factor to WordPress’s success has been that anyone can use it. You do not need technical expertise to develop a WordPress website. With its ready-to-use themes, you won’t even need website designers. 

Once up, the website is relatively easy to maintain. It relies on a block system. Each section on each page is built block by block, where blocks can be text, images, or other media. You can alter font size and weight to suit your requirements.

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Globally Accessible

Another appealing fact about choosing WordPress is it’s renowned globally. Regardless of location, you are bound to find experts proficient in WordPress. Perhaps even a friend or family member can assist you! 

Now imagine you have a website made from PHP or another technology; website updates and maintenance will have to be done by a professional having all the experience and knowledge of dealing with such technologies and software products.  

Thus, WordPress and its resources are much more accessible than any website built with a particular programming language.  

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There aren’t many web-building platforms that offer the real deal! WordPress wasn’t as popular when it launched in 2005. But, as of 2022, WordPress powers 43% of the internet! 

This figure will rise, especially after business owners and investors learn the truth about several WordPress myths. WordPress is for more than just blogging you can even develop an eCommerce website using it. 

If you are impressed by WordPress and are ready to become a proud WordPress website owner, get in touch with us, an expert WordPress website development company. 


Is it true that WordPress has no technical support? 

No, it is not entirely true that WordPress doesn’t offer any technical support. Depending on your selected pricing plan, you are eligible for free email and basic chat support. There is no telephone support, but the platform is well documented, and if you follow it, you won’t find much need for support. 

Will a free plan be best for me?

You will find several plans to choose from, and you won’t be forced to pick the most expensive one. You can start on a plan that suits you. If this seems insufficient as time passes, you can upgrade when necessary. Thus, you never end up having to pay more than what you require.

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