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13th Anniversary Celebration | Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd


7th July is an auspicious occasion for Artoon Solutions and all employees who are part of the company. It commemorates the day that the company began, and every anniversary adds another year of hard work, accomplishments, and memories.

  • Artoon Solutions
  • Artoon Solutions
  • Artoon Solutions
  • Artoon Solutions
  • 13 Annivesary
  • 13 Annivesary
  • 13 Annivesary
  • 13 Annivesary
  • 13 Annivesary
  • 13 Annivesary

Artoon Solutions 13th anniversary was no exception! Yet another year has passed, one that held many milestones for us. The two-day celebration started off by decorating all our branches with balloons.

The celebrations kicked off with photo sessions followed by the cake-cutting ceremony, a moment that brought everyone together to leave a sweet taste in their mouth. At the Adajan branch, Co-founder, Mr Sani Trivedi delivered words of encouragement to the team.

Meanwhile, at the Varachha branch, our Founders, Mr. Alpesh Vaghasiya and Mr. Naresh Khokhaneshiya, had wise words to share with all the employees and what they felt about reaching the 13th-anniversary milestone.

After this, there was a session of games in which everyone participated and enjoyed. The game played was “fish in the bowl” with a twist! Everyone had to write feedback for a fellow employee, and that person had to guess who wrote it.

On that positive note, it was time to end the celebrations on day one. There were musical performances by Mr. Prashant Gandhi, Artoon’s own talented musician!

Meanwhile, celebrations were not dulled down at the Ahmedabad branch despite their distance. Decorations, music, and dancing paved the way for cake-cutting and game time. It was nothing short of fun for the employees in attendance.

On 8th July, the 13th-anniversary celebrations continued with a trip for all to Atapi Wonderland!

It was heartwarming to have employees from all the branches of Artoon Solutions together. Several buses set off from different locations early in the morning to take full advantage of the day ahead. Upon arriving at Atapi, everyone came together, some meeting each other for the very first time!

Before embarking on the adventures of Atapi, everyone had time to eat and prepare themselves before the rides.

Atapi Wonderland, famous for its rides, didn’t disappoint! The weather did not dampen the spirits of the employees. In fact, the combination of daring amusement rides and water made for adrenaline-rushing moments that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

In between taking rides and touring the premises, our Artoonists took time to document their fun journey with photographs.

After settling down for dinner, the day ended, and it was time to return home.

Although the 13th anniversary is over, for now, we have our sights set on making next year as productive and special as the last one!

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