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Anniversary of Artoon: 12 years of Excellence & Togetherness!

The 12th-anniversary celebration of Artoon with so many fun games activities starting from infinity pool party to dance performance, discotheque, and many more.

An anniversary function is a moment to cheer up every individual who played an outstanding role in the development of the company. A day to celebrate the good things that happened in the company from the initial stage. A day like this comes only once a year and we made sure that our strong pillars get together and share the bond amongst each other.

On 07th July 2021, we celebrated the 12th anniversary of Artoon in our both Surat and Ahmedabad branches. Surat branch employees went to a resort named KKB RIO COLINA, Club Villa, and Ahmedabad branch employees went to a resort named Farm Stay, Bakor.

This is how we had celebrated our anniversary: Get together, initial speech, cake cutting, selfie sessions, lunch, activities like boating, infinity pool party, discotheque, sports, cinema hall inside the resort, soldier’s bridge, dance performance and other activities as well which were available at the resort.

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Some wise words

The traditional way of starting any function, an inaugural speech. The speech was initiated.

Alpesh Vaghashiya

– At KKB RIO COLINA, the first speech was graced by the biggest pillar, the Founder & the CEO of Artoon Solutions, Sir Alpesh Vaghashiya.

Naresh Khokhaneshiya

– Followed by the second pillar, Sir Naresh Khokhaneshiya the Co-Founder & the COO of Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sani Trivedi

– Followed by the third pillar, Sir Sani Trivedi the CEO of the Artoon Games.

Akshay Bhimani

– The fourth speech was by Akshay Bhimani, the Project manager, his extreme ability to continue despite difficulties and problems has brought him to this level of growth. He has been working with us for 6 years and many more to come!

Harshali Sachani

– The 5th speech was by Ms. Harshali Sachani, the Senior Android Game Technologist at Artoon Games, her quirky and passion to work speaks for itself. She has been working with us for 3 years and many more to come!

Usmangini Patel

– Another speech was given by Usmangini Patel, Our Senior Game Director and Senior Project Manager at Artoon, who is often known as a man of fewer words and more thoughts have been doing an outstanding job over the last 6 years and many more to come!

Nivedh Kantharia

– This is not the end yet, the next speech was by Mr. Nivedh Kantharia, Senior Product Manager at Artoon, who is known for his resilient mindset and creativity in reaching goals; sharing his creativity and being a part of us for 5 years and many more to come!

Sohil Shah

– Last but not least at Surat, a speech by Mr. Sohil Shah, the Head of Sales & Marketing at the Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is an enthusiastic individual with handily valuable thoughts, ideas, and suggestions; sharing his thoughts of being with us for 2+ years and many more to come!

– At FARM STAY, Ahmedabad the speech was graced by our respected HR Manager Mrs. Janki Simariya. She shared valuable thoughts, experiences with our company.

– Followed by our smart and charismatic Project Manager Mr. Kunal Pandya. He had shared his valuable insights, experience and growth with us.

– Followed by young energetic Business Head of Ultimate Business System- Mr. Kishan Bhatt. He had shared his experience, learning stages and knowledge growth by working with us.

– Followed by our valuable pillar from the SEO team Mr. Ajay Desai. He has energetically shared his great experience being with us.

– Along with an enthusiastic personality Mr. Sunil Patel (HTML Technologist). He too had shared his learning and fun-loving growth with our company.

Wrap up…

Overall it was a fun, joyous get-together. A lovely day that is going to be remembered forever in Artoon. These are some of the things that increase the view of the organization. By making such celebrations, an internal bonding is generated between the employee and organization that is highly important in the company’s growth.

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