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WordPress vs Laravel: Which Is Best for Your Website Development?


WordPress vs Laravel – Recently established businesses shouldn’t make the mistake of not having a website! A startup needs to draw in revenue from every possible stream in the initial years. The internet is one such option. If you’re unsure where to start, seeking a website development company is the first step. 

Apart from acting as the online face of your business, a website can become a selling point for your products or services. 

WordPress vs Laravel Similarities

From the offset, WordPress vs Laravel appears on totally different ends of the web development spectrum. However, take a closer look, and you’ll find that a web development company can apply both to develop a website. 

Laravel and WordPress share much in common. Upon further observation, you start to see the similarities and understand why they are competitors. Take a look at their common ground, clearly stated in the point below. 

  • Both laravel vs WordPress is open-source technologies meaning they’re free to use. 
  • It may appear as strange to some, but both PHP and Hypertext Preprocessor is what laravel and WordPress are based on. 

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Stats of Laravel & WordPress

  • Over 1.6 million websites are built using laravel worldwide.
  • WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the internet. 
  • Over 60,000 plugins are available on WordPress. 
  • Laravel is one of the top 10 frameworks preferred by developers. 

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Use Case of WordPress

WordPress websites are commonly associated with content-rich websites, including blogs and news websites loaded with various types of content. Content appears as text, videos, images, and other forms such as podcasts and infographics.

Today, businesses from every niche can use WordPress. Not only is it a CMS, but people can leverage the website for multiple purposes. 

Examples of Blogs Using WordPress 

WordPress Pros

WordPress is so popular that over 40% of the internet is composed of WordPress websites. So, the platform must be exceptional if it has gained such a large community. 

  • WordPress development requires much less knowledge and experience than other programming languages, making it accessible to virtually anyone! At its core, WordPress is a website builder that has recently evolved. Thus, it serves more people regardless of what it started as. 
  • Since SEO is mandatory if you want your website to be visible, WordPress may be the better option. Not because SERPs favor it but because there are plugins that make carrying out SEO simpler. 
  • Extended functionality is accessible courtesy of several thousand plugins to select from. There are just over 60,000, to be exact!  
  • Less costly and less complex than developing a laravel website from scratch, and the ability to update and maintain your website is an advantage that saves time and money.  
  • Also, developing a WordPress website is much faster since it is partially a CMS and website builder, meaning a faster time to market than developing websites from scratch. Thus, you may potentially save time and money due to shorter resource requirements. 
  • It’s no longer just enterprises that are expected to have a strong and appealing internet presence. WordPress makes it possible for anyone to own a website that is appealing and functional at the same time.  

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WordPress Cons

Despite having a plethora of advantages, WordPress is not exempt from having a few drawbacks! No technology is perfect, and you may have to compromise on a few features. WordPress is largely popular, but many users do have a few complaints.

Constant Updates

You will receive many updates not just for your theme but for each of your plugins as well! For some, these frequent updates can quickly become a burden. Neglecting these updates for a few weeks or months could easily result in a stockpile that will take longer to deal with! 

Excessive Plugins Slow Down Websites 

Plugins are mandatory on your WordPress website if you want to offer your users maximum functionality and a great user experience. Unfortunately, overusing plugins can have a severe effect on your website. 

Slow speeds will be your biggest problem if you decide to install more plugins than you require intentionally. 

Questionable Security 

WordPress security measures are not in-built. If you want better website security measures, you will probably have to take the initiative at your own expense!

This includes buying an SSL certificate, backing up your website, and installing a WordPress security plugin. As a result, securing your website is completely in the hands of the website owner. 

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Use Case of Laravel 

Unlike WordPress, which is a CMS, Laravel is much different and falls under the category of a framework. Laravel is usually the language of choice one chooses when developing complex applications and ensuring you have a trustable Laravel development company is essential to choose this framework. 

These applications can include enterprise applications, subscription-heavy applications, and even applications that hold large data for catalogs, such as an eCommerce website. Particularly eCommerce websites that host tens of thousands of products. 

Also, membership program websites that have to hold information about a large number of users are the most likely cases in which the application of laravel is paramount. 

Laravel Pros

The laravel framework is often termed a professional solution for website development. 

  • When coding in laravel, the framework takes care of the code, ensuring that code is reused whenever possible. This results in organized content that looks less complex and is less time-consuming to write.
  • The best part of hiring website development services is that every aspect of the website is customizable. 
  • Laravel has built-in features and does not depend on plugins to provide functionality to the website. Thus, your website has full independence and is not reliant on plugins to provide any specific features to your website. 
  • Because of in-built security against cross-site scripting (XSS) and minimizing cross-site request forgery (CSRF), laravel comes out as the technology that offers better security against many vulnerabilities. 

Laravel Cons 

Despite being a bit more technical and ticking the boxes that WordPress doesn’t, laravel does have a few other disadvantages that may come off as very unappealing when it comes to developing your website.   

Read on to be aware of a few roadblocks one may experience when dealing with laravel for website development. 

Learning Curve 

Unlike WordPress, which comes ready to use out of the box, laravel requires understanding, which takes time! You can’t start using it immediately, and without the appropriate knowledge, you won’t be able to develop or possibly even maintain your website alone. 

This rather difficult technology may not be as ubiquitous as WordPress has managed to ensure.  

Limited Support 

Developers of any custom web development company may be reluctant to use laravel as it has limited support. The laravel community is not as expansive, and finding the help needed may not be as possible as with WordPress. Most other technologies have expansive communities which aid in documentation and problem-solving. 

Relatively New Framework Slow speed

Although Laravel wasn’t launched yesterday, it is relatively new compared to other more established technologies that have existed for decades! This does come as a drawback since a relatively new technology means that there will also be fewer professionals available to develop using laravel. 

Frequent updates

Unfortunately, the problem of frequent updates still exists with laravel. It can become troublesome and time-consuming to need to update your website too often! The inability to install updates on time could negatively affect the website, users, and your overall business objectives.


The cost of developing a laravel website is higher than other frameworks. Plus, the actual cost will come off as more or less, and this will be highly influenced by the developer’s skills, location, and experience. 

Also, one must account for the framework’s popularity and how long it has been around, as this dictates how easy and affordable the services are.  

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Which is faster: WordPress vs Laravel?

Both technologies are useful. However, one will triumph over the other when it comes to speed! Laravel is faster than WordPress.

Where Can I Find Affordable WordPress Development Services?

If you want to develop a WordPress website, you’ll want to know how to find the best WordPress development services. Without emptying your pocket. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an excellent option when trying to narrow down your options. 

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Having looked at the positives and negatives of both technologies, it becomes quite difficult to pick a distinct winner! It depends on your project’s exact requirements. WordPress services are better suited to certain requirements while other requirements can be best solved with Laravel development services.   

Are you still not sure whether you should choose WordPress vs Laravel? You should play it safe and approach Artoon Solutions, a web development company in India skilled in both technologies. This way, you can ensure that you are covered no matter what you choose! 

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