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Best Alternative Apps Like Dream 11 in 2023


Fantasy apps have been the talk of online mobile games since real-money gaming platforms emerged. Fantasy sports app development ensures that these fantasy apps are connected with live games/sports. Suppose there is a cricket fantasy app. In the app, for every cricket match, be it international matches or popular leagues (like IPL, BBL, etc.), there will be particular contests with minimal entry fees. According to the contest size, entry fees vary, and so are the winning prizes. What are these contests, then? And how the prize money is distributed among a vast number of users in apps like Dream11?

Let’s see the bigger picture.

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Contests, Teams, Points & Prize Money


Every fantasy app comes with contests. To understand this properly, let’s take an example. Suppose there is a live match going to be played between India & Australia. There will be a number of contests for this particular match, and players have to take part in them before the match starts. Example of contests in a fantasy app is as follows.

  • Jackpot Bonus Contest
  • Mega Contest
  • VIP Contest
  • 2x Bonus Contest
  • 4x Bonus Contest
  • 8x Bonus Contest

Entry fees for Jackpot Bonus and Mega contests are minimal as the size is huge. More than 50,000+ players can participate in both contests. The winning prize goes up to 1 Lakh in the Mega contest for the first-ranked player and 10 Lakhs in the Jackpot Bonus for the first-ranked player. Other contests require a higher entry fee, and the contest size is very small. These contests can be tricky and need strong gaming knowledge to win.

“This is just knowledge of how contests play a role and prize money is distributed among players in a fantasy app. This information doesn’t apply to every fantasy app available on the web. Other fantasy apps may have different contests and prize money for users.”


The user has to make a fantasy team with a combination of players from both teams. A player can choose a maximum of 7 players from one team while making the fantasy team. To play fantasy cricket, your team needs to constitute wicket-keepers, all-rounders, batters, and bowlers.

There are limitations to choosing the number of wicket-keepers, all-rounders, batters, and bowlers in different fantasy apps.

Here choosing the captain and vice-captain for the fantasy team plays a crucial role in winning the game. For a better understanding, here is what a fantasy team of India vs Australia match should look like…

  • Rohit Sharma
  • David Warner
  • Virat Kohli (C)
  • Rishabh Pant (W.K.)
  • Tim David (V.C.)
  • Glenn Maxwell
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Pat Cummins
  • Mohammad Shami
  • Mitchell Starc
  • Jasprit Bumrah


In this team, the player will earn 2x points for every boundary, runs, catches taken, and run-outs scored by Virat Kohli. Similarly, the player will earn 1.5x points for every boundary, runs, catches taken, and run-outs scored by Tim David. The same scenario follows for bowlers. When a bowler takes a wicket, the player will get points.

However, points can be deducted if the chosen batsman/bowler didn’t perform well. If a batter maintains a strike rate of below 100, then points will be deducted. If he concedes runs more than a 9.0 economy rate in his spell for a bowler, then points will be deducted.

Game Development

Prize Money

So it is a combined approach of players in the live match that decides the winner in the fantasy app. The objective of Fantasy apps is to create a well-balanced team where each player must score runs/take wickets that would lead to the 1st rank. A player ranking 1st earns a significant amount of real money.

India has been a great cricket-playing nation over the years, and Dream11 is one of India’s top-rated fantasy apps. Let’s take a look at the best 10 fantasy apps like Dream11.

1. MPL

Mobile Premier League or MPL is known for its rich gameplay experience and real money-earning facility. MPL comes on top of fantasy apps, where there are multiple options to play various games and earn money. It offers a broad list of Fantasy sports like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Baseball, etc.

MPL introduced GIGL (Great Indian Gaming League) during the IPL 2022 season, where players will have a chance to win up to 2000 Crores. The GIGL section offers huge cash prizes to players.

Also, MPL comes with a variety of options for playing games. It covers all types of games like Card games, Puzzle games, Arcade games, Casual games, and Brain games. Users can play games by paying entry fees for the tournaments or games, and winners can withdraw their winnings via UPI methods (Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.).

So, it goes without saying that MPL is a tough competitor to beat among fantasy apps like Dream11.

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2. WinZO

WinZO is another multi-gaming platform like MPL that provides fantasy sports to users. In Winzo, a cricket fantasy game is available only.

How to play Fantasy Cricket on WinZO?

Here are some points to follow.

  • Users need to Sign up/register for the Winzo account on the app.
  • Users need to Log in to the account on Winzo.
  • Select the match you want to play.
  • Create your dream playing 11 for the match by using 100 credit points. The credit cost of each player may differ, and only a maximum of 7 players are allowed from one team.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain carefully as they hold 2x & 1.5x points, respectively. They are the deciding factors to win/lose in fantasy cricket.
  • Select the contest you would like to invest your money in. Also, keep an eye on the entry fee, contest size, and winning prize and play accordingly.
  • Keep track of your score once the live match starts. Check your rank by looking at the leaderboards.
  • If you are ranked among the winners’ list, you will receive the winning prize within 2 hours of completing the match.

WinZO is one of the best and most trustworthy fantasy apps. There is a neck-to-neck competition between fantasy apps like Dream11.

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3. My11Circle

It is a fantasy app mainly designed for cricket matches. Here the player has to register/Sign up or log in through OTP. Once logged in, the player must add at least ₹100 to the wallet to participate in contests.

To participate in a contest, the player needs to create a fantasy team of 11 players. And here also, the same concept of 2x points to the captain and 1.5x points to the Vice-captain follows. Once the team of 11 players is ready, the user can enter any contest he is interested in before starting the live match.

Winners are decided through the ranks. The 1st ranked player always earns more money than other players. Here one good thing about My11Circle is that players can create a private contest and customize the entry fee of players. Private contests are meant for a group of players (friends, family, close ones) who will be in one contest together. Private contests increase the fun of the game even more.

My11Circle is a popular fantasy app in India. Many users play various profitable contests and earn huge real money. So, while there is talk of fantasy apps like Dream11, My11Cricle will always be there.

4. Gamezy

Gamezy is India’s fastest-growing gaming platform. It is one of the most rewarding fantasy games providing exciting rewards in winnings. Gamezy creates a seamless experience and ensures more variety for gamers looking for participation and engagement during matches.

It creates an opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to experience fantasy cricket in an all-new avatar. From being team owners of contests by creating their own teams to making informed decisions to win more, it provides a new fantasy gaming experience.

Gamezy can be a successful fantasy app in the coming years and compete with currently leading fantasy apps like Dream11.

5. Howzat

Howzat is an online fantasy sports platform. Here sports fans keep themselves engaged in their favorite sports and aim to win real money using their skills and knowledge.

Howzat is also one of the fastest-growing fantasy platforms in India. It came to the market in 2019, and since then, it has touched new heights and now has a user base of over 10 million regular players. Howzat has everything covered, be it major sports like Cricket, Football, or exciting contests & big winnings.

So it goes without saying that Howzat is a good example of looking at similar fantasy apps like Dream11.

6. MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is another fantasy sports app designed for fantasy cricket games only. It features the same methods that other fantasy cricket apps offer. Users need to register on the app. Then they need to create a virtual team of 11 players. Once the team is created, the user must select the captains (2x points) and vice-captains (1.5x points) carefully. When the team is fully ready with the captain & vice-captain, the user can enter the contests. After the match is over, prize money is distributed among the players based on the leaderboard ranking is what MyTeam11 also does.

It offers multiple payment options and even international payment methods like PayPal are also available. MyTeam11 is also a good example of similar Fantasy Apps like Dream11.

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7. Fanmojo

Fanmojo is an e-sports platform where players play skill-based games or games of skill to earn money. A Fanmojo offers a wide range of options to play games and fantasy Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi. Fantasy sports offers a fun and exciting gaming experience where players compete against each other to win rewards and cash prizes based on the leaderboard ranking. Players can withdraw their winnings through UPI once the winners are declared in the contest.

By looking at the vast playing options available on Fanmojo, it is clear that earning money through Fanmojo is possible, and Fanmojo can give tough competition to fantasy apps like Dream11.

8. Playerzpot

Playerzpot provides Classic Fantasy Cricket and many other fantasy sports like Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

Although Playerzpot has various options to play any fantasy sport, fantasy cricket is among the top priority. Playerzpot’s Fantasy Sports aspires to be one of the best management games for cricket. It also uses the same methods of fantasy cricket as mentioned above in other sections.

So, is Playerzpot a good example of similar fantasy apps like Dream11? Of course, it is.

9. Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11 is a new fantasy app, so there are more chances of winning because of less competition. The main part of this app is the referral system. If someone joins using your referral code, you and your friend will get 100 rs + 10% of the referred deposit for the lifetime.

In Fantasy power11, the user needs to select a team of 11 players according to their cricket knowledge. Once the team of 11 players is ready, the user can join in various contests available in the app. The user can use a 100% referral bonus to join a league. Users can join as many contests as they want; all they need to do is add cash to the Fantasy Power 11 wallet using UPI options.

Fantasy Power 11 is new and can be a successful app while moving forward.

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10. Halaplay

Suppose you are still looking for another fantasy cricket platform. In that case, the Halaplay app is a good app to begin your real money-earning journey. The features, methods, and procedures of creating a team and playing contests are similar to other fantasy cricket apps.

Users can invest money in this application and create their own team, which comprises the results of the live matches. When the user wins any league/contest with a fantasy team of 11 players, then huge cash winnings are rewarded based on the leaderboard ranking. The money is directly sent to the user’s bank account.

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Wrapping Up!

Fantasy sports are an amazing way to earn cash rewards by applying good, skillful strategies and sports knowledge. Many users play fantasy games to increase the fun & excitement of the live game by looking at the performance of their favorite players.

There are many real money gaming platforms available in the online gaming market, but if you are asked to choose a platform to earn money as a beginner, which one would you like to go with?

Fantasy apps are less risky, highly rewarding, and easy to understand the methods. Also, it keeps you engaged with the live matches. So are you looking forward to investing in Fantasy games? Or interested in developing mobile game apps?

Artoon Solutions is prominent in developing all kinds of game apps. We are experts at the type of games: Card & Casino Games, Board Games, Puzzle Games, Hyper-casual Games, Arcade Games, etc. Our in-house expert team makes sure we deliver the best service to our clients.

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