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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an iOS App? – A Complete Analysis


Finding the cost of mobile app development, specifically for iOS app development is not that straightforward! Because every app has a different use, features will differ significantly. 

Getting an accurate iOS application development cost requires you to state your exact requirements, then a technical team estimates time duration and cost. For this, you must first find an iOS app development company!

Until that happens, you can only get an estimate or even just a feeling of how a particular factor can affect the cost of iOS app development services. So, what are these factors on which iOS app development costs depend? Read on to find out what they are. 

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Factors Affecting iOS App Development Cost

The IOS app development cost is not fixed, nor can a quote be delivered on hand! Thus, there is a need first to identify the project’s specifics. For this, detailed documentation is necessary to analyze the time it would take to develop the project. 

After that, it is up to the technical and sales teams to collaborate and determine the cost. Take a look at what elements of the mobile app are most likely to increase the development cost of your project.

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App Function & Idea (Purpose)

A significant factor in deciding on iOS app development cost is the type of app that you are developing. Certain apps would naturally cost more than others with a more straightforward functionality requirement. 

For example, an app requiring IoT to connect with thermostats or other sensor-embedded devices will be much more costly than iOS application development for a messaging app. Thus, your app idea/purpose can influence iOS app development costs. 

Number & Complexity of Features 

It wouldn’t be fair (or logical) for an iOS that uses Virtual Reality and one that doesn’t cost the same amount to be developed. Hence, for that reason, you must clearly state the number and complexity of features since the cost is proportional to features.


Using modern technologies such as NFC, AR, VR, or MR can increase your project’s prices. The reason is it is not as easy to find experienced team members in that specific technology field. 

Additionally, every iOS app development may not offer these features as they are not so common.

Device Support

Another critical factor influencing the cost of iOS app development services is the number of devices the app should support. While the latest iOS device is the iPhone 14, you will probably want to support many more devices than this to ensure that you can reach the largest audience. 

So, you can ensure that you make an iOS app that targets iPhone 11 and onwards, but you can even start below this, seeing that there are fewer devices than Android app development. 

Plus, don’t forget that only Apple devices use the iOS platform, so there is already a limited device list! 

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App Design 

Apart from an app functioning accordingly, it should also be appealing. There is no hiding the fact that your users will instantly deliver a verdict of your app based on what they see. Thus, app eye-catching iOS app design is paramount to success! 

Generally, iOS app design must adhere to some basic principles based on the situation of buttons and the system’s layout. So, although there will be many similarities between your app and other iOS apps, there are multiple methods to ensure app design exclusivity! 

Although layouts may require similarity, they can still be made with a significant level of uniqueness that helps your iOS app stand out. 


Integrations involve third-party solutions that can provide your app with additional functionality because of the exchange and transfer of data between two servers. 

If you want users to be able to carry out the desired objective on your app, having a few APIs integrated into your app is essential. A variety of APIs can provide different functions to your app, thereby increasing its value.  

Examples of iOS app integrations include an API that supports payments (RazorPay, PayPal, Apple Pay), Navigation and GPS API (Google Maps), Flight booking API (Skyscanner API), and more.  

Types of API

Types of API

Applications that offer a service or a product for sale would require payment integration and probably a shipping API as well to integrate shipping details. For example, an eCommerce app would probably require integration for Payment and Shipping functionality. 

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Other Factors to Consider

Put app features aside, there are a few other factors on which iOS app development depends. Do check these, as knowing what they are can help you to correctly determine the cost of developing iOS app development services.  


Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind when you think about hiring an iOS app development company is, “who will develop my application?”

That said, you have two options available to you, these are hiring an iOS app development company and the other is hiring freelance iOS developers. 

Apart from assessing the visible contrast in pricing, it would be best if you also considered the ethics of the individual. Partnering with a company may require legal work but ensures the legitimacy of the working relationship. 

Updates & Maintenance

your iOS app may need some gradual functionality improvement updates or extended maintenance to ensure optimal performance and bug fixing. 

Most app owners make the mistake of not budgeting for update and maintenance service costs! These are unavoidable and failure to enact them affects your app. 

You may be interested in partnering with your development company and seeing if they are offering this maintenance and support option. This matters because they may introduce the cost at the time of development. 

If you are looking to update your app with more features down the line, you want to communicate these details to the development team you hire. Thus, they can facilitate the simple progression of your app whenever you may decide to add these new features.     

This would also help to estimate costs that may occur at a later stage. Maintenance is an ongoing process that will require you to keep up for your app to remain functional and appealing to your users.  

Tips to Reduce iOS App Development Cost 

In case you are staring down a considerably high cost, you may want to look into ways to trim it down a bit! To help you out, here are a few ways to reduce costs or investment failure.   


The option of outsourcing your project to a top iOS app development company in India is bound to be a cost-saving move that can positively affect your project! While you are paying a lower price, you will get a much higher work standard, resulting in a high-quality app. 


Minimal Viable Product, or MVP as best known, is the simplified version of your app that only has the main key features of your initial idea. MVP offers the least number of features just enough to create a launchable app for market testing and feedback purposes. 

The ultimate goal of releasing an MVP is to test your idea and find out how the public will react to the app without having to invest the total amount of money into making the full version of the iOS app. 

Thus, releasing an MVP allows you to test your app idea without investing the full amount of money or even half of it!  

Cross-Platform Application 

If you are sure you will develop the Android version for your app, you can skip the extra costs by just developing a cross-platform application. This would allow you to cater to two different platforms with a single application to manage. 

Also, it would reduce the amount of time required to develop the project as one application rather than as two separate ones. 

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Cost to Develop an iOS App

The cost to develop an iOS app depends on various factors. Most of that revolves around the features included in the app, the type of app, the duration of the iOS app development services, and the design elements of the app. 

The starting cost of developing an iOS app is $20,000 for basic features and single-platform support. However, the cost is expected to increase for apps that require more features and multi-platform support. 

hire ios app developers


The iOS app development cost applied corresponds to the number of features, app purpose, design, platforms, and integrations you choose for your app.  

Are you looking for iOS app development at a competitive price without sacrificing quality to fit a budget? If you are, you should look into Artoon Solutions, an iOS app development company with 14+ years of experience and the ability to provide the best iOS app development services.


Does iOS app development take longer than Android app development? 

No, iOS app development does not take longer than Android app development. The reason is that the development of Android applications takes a long time as there is a long testing period to ensure that the largest base of devices supports the application. 

Can you develop an iOS game application? 

Yes, we can develop an iOS game application as we also happen to be experts in this niche. We can develop an iOS game app based on your exact requirements. The process is similar to app development but utilizes more features and design elements than an application.

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