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What is a Native Game Development Platform? Is it still recommended?


Online gaming is the modern savior of the digital world with the kind of technical skills it requires to develop an online game, game developers are none other than programmers. Let’s put the discussion of game developers & programmers aside and first look at some game development platforms. So, what are the popular Native game development platforms in 2021?

Clicked something in the brain?

The two most popular platforms are the Unity Game App Development platform & the Native Game App Development platform with lots of advanced tools and features. Let’s look at the Native Game Development Platform in detail.

So, what is Native App Development then?

The game that supports platform-specific language to run on the target platform is known as Native Platform. It means the Native app development platform is not cross-platform like Unity. For example, an app will only be developed for one platform at a time. Such games clear all OS requirements and are compatible with all its components and built-in applications. Let’s not forget that more than 95% of smartphones run on either Android OS or iOS. When we are talking about Native mobile games it’s mostly about these two platforms. The result of Native apps is usually a better user experience that is skewed towards the user of anyone’s popular app development platforms available. 

Games like Rummy, Ludo, Solitaire, Callbreak, Andar Bahar and many more can be developed in the Native Platform. 

Unique Device Features

As Native game app development is specific to one platform, therefore Native app development covers all the beneficial features that are present in the device. App developers can take advantage of all the available unique features, however, separate Native development will be required for various devices, if the app is to run varied devices using the same platform.


This is the most expected advantage – considering the developer will develop a game using one particular operating system’s SDK, it gets easier access to all the platform functionalities, and therefore, the overall app’s performance increases.

User Experience (UX)

High performance leads to fewer bugs, lag-free, and a much better user experience. When an App is developed for a specific platform it keeps the platform’s simple interface which is familiar to the player.

App Ranking

This feature comes from high performance and a great user experience makes it easier for a game to rank better on App stores. The more user satisfied with UX, the more positive reviews will come. This will also make an impact on downloads and growth in revenues.

Isn’t it what a Game developer wants?


It’s up to you to choose which one’s suitable. Native Platform shall require more resources for any development and future customization. While Unity shall require only one resource for Android, iOS. App development is a preferred choice of a developer when they are developing an App Solutions for any business or game company. As the unique requirements of businesses do not require periodic modifications. Finding Native game app developers who are excellent in development methods is difficult and therefore getting in touch with a professional company like Artoon Solutions is always a better option.


So, getting confused about choosing cross-platform or platform-specific? See, if you are a system-specific developer and love to play around with good UX, nice performance, and simple interface then Native game app development is the best. Otherwise, if you want to develop an app that can be supported in any OS with rich UI/UX designs then go for Unity. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is providing the best native game apps as well as Unity game apps. Whatever you choose, contact us.

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