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7 Easy ways to develop a food delivery app


You know what you got to do. Sit back and relax. Pick up your phone. Open Food delivery app

Click, order, eat and repeat!!

People of this era have fathomed the new and unconventional way of food ordering and delivery system so well. Online food delivery apps are transforming the traditional model of the food industry. Convenience, comfort, and ease of use are making these food delivery apps hugely popular and widely successful. In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, these apps certainly come to our rescue. Tap the button, open the app, click on your favorite on-the-go or eat-at-your-desk dish and get your dose of energy delivered to you wherever you are.

Recent reports suggest that in the last few years, the food ordering and delivery industry has had steady and progressive growth. Whether you are a restaurant owner who is looking for ways to generate more business or a potential entrepreneur who wants to start a food ordering business like UberEats, it is certainly the right time.
But, how and where to start? Fret not! Because you have landed on the right page. We have covered below every minute detail that you must know about food delivery app development. So, read on!

But, how and where to start? Fret not! Because you have landed on the right page. We have covered below every minute detail that you must know about food delivery app development. So, read on!

Food delivery app business models in the present market

There are basically two models that rule the food ordering system:

  • The aggregator model
  • The delivery system with a logistics model

The aggregator food delivery business model acts as a third party that manages both the restaurants and the customers. The aggregator app provides users to access the menu, pricing, ratings, reviews, and order placement. Once the customers select the menu, the message is conveyed to the restaurant. The food delivery is done by the employees of the restaurant. Big investors can certainly go for an aggregator food delivery business model.

Another system that prevails in the present market is food delivery platforms with logistics support. For small-scale restaurants, food joints, or home delivery services, this kind of food delivery app can be a boon as they need not have to manage the deliveries, delivery boy’s payments, and vehicle maintenance. Restaurants or food joints that cannot afford to have their own delivery system can partner with these apps.

Popular players in the market

Things to keep in mind before starting the product development

Many aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe are inspired by the stupendous success of these prime players and have set their sights to be one among them someday. Are you also determined to start your own food ordering and delivery business? Here’s to you, a nicely curated guide about food delivery app development. Read till the end to make the most of it.

Things to keep in mind before starting the product development

There are certain aspects one must comprehend before building an app. Developing your product from scratch without perceiving the know-how may lead to a loss-making business. If you want to create an on-demand food delivery app that is similar to UberEats business model, then you must be smart enough to overcome the challenges and outlast the competitors. As the saying goes “You overcome roadblocks by first identifying the roadblock”

 We know there are lots of questions in your mind. Some of them could be:

  • What key features do you want to include in the app?
  • Would I be able to target the right audience and boost my business
  • How can I choose the right food delivery app development, partner?

We have all the answers you have been looking for. Now let’s get to it bit by bit.

The main objective of your food delivery app or ordering app

Your app must a clear objective that goes parallel with your user’s needs. A comprehensive understanding of your user’s requirements will help you devise the objectives for your app. A few fundamental objectives that you must consider for your app are:

  • Help you in identifying the target market.
  • Involves customer engagement
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Should be user-friendly
  • Should be flexible and scalable
  • Should save time and money

Understand the market trend

Defining the target is really crucial in this food delivery business model. Only with proper market research, you can identify your target audience. Based on your target, you can easily craft the menu so that it looks deliciously alluring to your customers. This strategy can also make you stand out of your counter partners. For e.g, if you are targeting the generation Y a.k.a the millennials in your area, then a healthy three-course meal may not interest them in your app. Pizza, burger, wraps, coke, and such fast foods and on-the-go munchies may certainly entice them to your business. You must always try to offer a wide choice of delicacies to your customer. This strategy can broaden the range of your targeted audiences.

Decide the key features

For an on-demand food delivery app development, there are basically four versions. This is because a food ordering and delivery business model consists of four components:

  • Customer
  • Courier partner
  • Restaurant owner
  • Admin

Let’s first understand each of the above components first. Customers download the application, scroll through the restaurants and menu, make an order, pay online or pay on delivery. The courier partners are the delivery boys who receive the order details. They fetch the order and with the help of geofence or geolocation features, they locate the customers to deliver their parcel of happiness on time. The restaurant partners are the restaurant owners who received the order from the customer side and keep it ready for the delivery boy to pick up. The admin panel is used to control and manage all the activities from the side of the customers, courier partners and the restaurant partners

Each component requires its own version of the food ordering and delivery application. The following must be the standard features of your application.

Customer Courier Partner Restaurant owner Admin Panel
Customer Login/Sign up Registration/Login Login Process Admin Login
Search Menu Order/ Requests Management Menu Management Restaurant Management
Payment Option Real-time delivery information Order Management Application Management
Order tracking   Track payment Payment management
Profile management     Technical assistance

Customers being the essential component of a business model require you to create a UI that appears to captivating. Below are some necessary features to add in the customer application that would allure him/her to order from your app:

  • Add social media logins
  • Find nearby restaurants using the GPS location
  • A quick order option
  • An inbuilt tracker
  • Multiple payment options and gateways
  • SMS-based notifications and alerts
  • Ratings and reviews

Technical aspects

 For an app development choosing the right technology really matters. PHP or ruby, iOS or Android, hybrid or native, create an app using APIs app clones and SDKs or build it from the beginning, the technology used completely depends on your financial estimate, platform and features. There are a wide range of software tools that can be used to design your app as your requirement.

Decide your budget for the app development

 The cost of your app depends upon the following:

  • The add-on features you chose to include in your application
  • You require both iOS and Android platforms or as a matter of cost reduction would opt for the Android platform
  • Social media integration
  • Admin panel
  • Instead of going for a native app, you could opt for a cross-platform app.
  • Going overboard on enhancing the visual appeal of your app
  • If you have a short budget then a third-part integration may work instead of opting for a server backend, though it is preferred for the long-term benefits.

Based on your budget you can hire a development team. The developer team usually constitutes of:

  • 2 mobile app developers each for native Android and native iOS
  • 1-2 UI/UX designers
  • 1-2 Backend developers
  • 1 Quality assurance member, 1 Business Analyst, and 1 project manager

In case, if you are planning to hire an advanced team of developers, then the cost may increase accordingly.

Choose the right application development partner

This step serves to be the backbone of your food ordering/delivery app. Finding the right application development partner is not easy. It may require you to interrogate, ask multiple questions, and do some research on your own. Be sure to ask them about their experience. Check their portfolios and client testimonials. Also, select the company that follows the agile methodology to develop your application. From business analysis to learning app development, and continuous testing for quality assurance to the launch, choose a company that offers you a complete development service. The company must be aware of Stripe, Braintree, and CCAvenue, which are some of the commonly used payment integration. They must also be acquainted with Google Places API and Firebase SDK.

Launching the final product

Before you establish the final product, launching it in its final stages will help you and your developers to know the errors that develop. The software testers will perform various tests, identify the bug and fix it. Also if you are planning to launch your application in the iOS app store as well as in the Android play store then your app must follow certain guidelines. One must also imbibe the feedback received and strive for constant improvisation.

Why is this a great time to enter the food delivery app market?

As per market trends, recent reports show rapid and positive growth in the online food ordering/delivery industry. There has been an estimated growth rate of 25% in a year until 2018. Also, the global online on-demand food delivery market is expected to grow 32 percent by 2021. With all these statistics, it is certainly the perfect time to start a food ordering and delivery business.

How do we help you create your dream company?

Be it an online food ordering/delivery or a restaurant app development, we at Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd., help to curate your demands and make sure that your business stands out from the crowd of competitors. With years of experience and extensive in-depth knowledge in the field of mobile app development services, we strive to deliver a project with a state-of-the-art quality that is sure to surge your business high in terms of productivity.

Why choose us?

  • An expert panel of Android and iOS developers
  • A myriad of successful on-demand mobile Apps
  • Coding as per play store and app store guidelines
  • Effective strategies for testing
  • Free deployment
  • Affordable app cost estimation
  • Customization
  • A dedicated team of experts with 24 /7 backend support

In a nutshell

Online food ordering/delivery or a restaurant app development requires proper strategic planning, implementation, execution, and effective management. Hiring people, partnering with restaurants, finding an app development company, promoting your businesses, social media marketing, and advertising will be some of the initial tasks. After the successful launch of your app, you must target the customers by giving them attractive offers and discounts directly. Once you establish your business it is really important to retain your customers. Not just this, your app must also grow and scale as your business advances. Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will make sure that by choosing us you get rapid results, better quality, gain more business value, and experience 100% transparency at affordable rates.

With this, we hope you had a clear view of food delivery app development. You can share your queries and suggestions in the comment section below. Also feel free to contact us anytime, because we love to hear your thoughts.

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