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How to Grow Your Business with Mobile App Development


To many, a mobile application may not seem like much! But, to so many other businesses, it provides a glimmer of hope by which they can edge out the competition. Hiring a mobile app development company may be the key to unlocking business success.  

“In aggressive markets, it takes everything to attract users because, let’s face it, if they’re not your customer, they’re your competitor’s customer!” 

Luckily you won’t have to go it alone as you can hire one of the best mobile app development companies in India, Artoon Solutions Pvt. Ltd., to accompany you on this adventure. Before deciding whether you should develop an app, let’s first talk about the pros of a mobile application for your business

Customer Support

Offering dedicated customer support through an app can boost your business in many ways. You could offer it as a standalone customer service app or along with the capabilities to buy products or hire services. 

If you integrate chatbots into your business, you don’t have to invest excessively in human resources for customer support. Also, the overall experience is improved when using chatbots. We’ll tell you why.  

  • Chatbots are active 24/7 
  • They respond faster
  • Chatbots are efficient for simple queries 
  • They can be adjusted to handle harder queries 
  • Cost-efficient options compared to humans 
  • Easy to manage (enable and disable) 
  • Information only needs to be entered once 
  • Perform well without chance of human error 

With chatbots, more questions can be answered. Plus, the responses are faster, and customer support becomes more affordable.  

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User Experience 

Mobile apps give customers a better and more convenient way to shop. An added advantage is that you can offer them a wider selection of products to search through. You will no longer be restricted to the space of your physical shop. 

The fact that you can showcase your full line of products is enough to cement better sales figures than a physical store holding half the catalog of products. 

Plus, another perk is the convenience of being able to shop for your favorite products anywhere and at any time! You are also not limited to any specific bulky device, as a portable device is more than sufficient.        

Businesses with good products and excellent user experience have high user retention rates, and providing one or the other is usually fatal for your business. 

Highest Retention Rates

Alternative Sales Channels 

The days are gone when companies relied solely upon people discovering their business by them passing by their shop! Businesses can’t survive with the odd customer that stumbles into their shop and gives them business. 

Why settle to survive when mobile app development can clear a path toward being a highly profitable establishment? You can cover your costs handsomely as well as attract an impressive profit.  

You can also use a website to sell products. However, a mobile app development company in India can make you a mobile app that will be a more convenient option. It is also more accessible when than a website as everyone has easier access to a mobile/tablet than a laptop or PC. 

That’s not the only way to earn from having a mobile app!

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Look at almost any mildly successful mobile application, a utility app, or a game app. They are earning a passive income by displaying ads in their app or by offering users some subscription plan. Even there may be a plan available to remove ads! 

earn from having a mobile app

Improves Accessibility

A mobile app acts as an alternate sales channel because of greater accessibility. Accessibility means that the application will be easy to reach and use. 

A highly accessible mobile application allows the highest number of people will be able to gain access to it. Amongst all these people are bound to be people who have the requirement for your products or services. 

If you want your app to have the highest level of accessibility, you should also plan to cater to people with disabilities. This includes adding audio capabilities for people with visual impediments and better voice commands for people with physical disabilities. 

Apps Suitable for Visually

Brand Boosting 

Large brands have aggressive marketing strategies, including promoting their brand nationally or internationally. 

  • Spread brand awareness 
  • Build brand loyalty 
  • Forge a connection with the community
  • Provide value to your target audience 

For most businesses, the number of people you reach directly impacts sales. Say, for example, you will only get to convert 2% of the people you reach. See how reach will affect your business outcome. 

Business Reach Counts!

Putting your products/services in front of a larger audience means greater sales and hiring possibilities. This means that you stand a chance of growing and retaining users as well when you have a loyal user base.  

Makes Sales Flow Smoother 

Keeping track of everything on paper is difficult and will eventually lead to several drawbacks. This is also bound to result in losses for your business. What would happen if your office and all the paperwork burned down? You would be recordless, and all your data would be lost forever! 

Instead of searching through boxes of archived data, wouldn’t it be much simpler to log in to a mobile application and access the document or information you need? It would save your employees time and, in turn, save money. 

Not only this. Opting for mobile application development is useful in helping your business adopt a fully automated process. Automated processes help to improve business operations by making the business process smoother and more efficient.

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Secure Offerings

After mobile app development, your app will be published on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Both of these app marketplaces are safe and secure. Respectfully, they are the most secure and reliable places to download an app. 

What deems the apps from these platforms safe? Well, they are very strict when it comes to their apps. Every mobile app development agency developing an app for clients for these stores needs to ensure that they are developed according to precise security requirements. 

Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of these stores would result in your app being removed. This is a great disadvantage and a waste. Hence, this will prompt all the best mobile app development companies to develop according to these requirements. 

Having a safe app means you also keep your users safe. All in all, safety and security are the most crucial concerns of users today.

Higher Shopping Frequency 

People may be more open to shopping from a mobile application than going out in person. The idea of app-based shopping is even more appealing in bad weather or when the product/service isn’t available in the user’s vicinity. 

Thus appearing as an attractive option, mobile commerce through mobile app development. This will stand out to younger generations and busy professionals who don’t have much time to waste at a shop! This is where your mobile app will be most effective.  

This effectiveness shows distinct differences in the sales frequency of most users, with some users appearing to shop more often than others.   

If you see certain users developing a regular shopping trend in your mobile app, you’ll know it’s because they are enjoying the experience!  

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Simply owning a mobile application can do your business wonders! It doesn’t just impact your business from one perspective but multiple perspectives, and trying it will be the best proof. 

To boost your brand, business, and user experience, improve accessibility, and make business operations smoother, have a mobile application developed for your business.

Ready to start saving your business thousands? Contact Artoon Solutions for mobile app development services that can change your financial status!    

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Is mobile app development profitable?

Mobile app development does have the ability to become highly profitable, but it depends on many factors. You have to appeal to a large audience to advertise your application. Secondly, the application must be highly functional and abide by consumer requirements.   

Why do apps fail?

There is a wide array of reasons why a mobile app could fail. The most prominent reasons are inadequate research and poor execution from the mobile app development company resulting in an application with many errors and very little to no functionality!  

How much do mobile app development services cost? 

You must specify your requirements to get an accurate cost estimation for a mobile application. Especially those about the platform for mobile app development, type, number of screens, design requirements, and deadline. The mobile app development agency will draw an estimate based on the above factors.   

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